Wednesday, January 02, 2008

more catching up

this is sarah at the cubscout christmas party. every year santa gives the kids gifts.
Last year she got a barbie doll that she named kellie pickler. but kellie pickler got eaten by the puppy. She was hopeful for a replacement this year.

much to her dismay, no Barbie

we were too busy to celebrate Jacob's 13th birthday and had to go to the cub scout Christmas party. so we went to steak and shake for lunch one day. he was so upset that we weren't able to do something special for his 13th birthday.

we surprised Jacob with a party on Sunday with all his friends and some family.

Jake was pretty surprised and very happy with his party. he got plenty of things that he wanted and it was nice to not have to clean up the house for a party for once :P

this is Mr. and Mrs. Evil Genius.
and this is for trying to break my camera ;)


Sniz said...

There's nothing quite like not having to clean your house for a party, is there? These are such precious pictures. I'm glad he had a good 13th birthday!

Uvulapie said...

Most of what my kids got was Barbie related. Sounds like a play date is in order.

debbie said...

It was nice to NOT have to clean. lol Plus the fact that all those people would NOT fit inside our house. lol

I ended up returning the gift that caused so much sadness. (love that pix) it needed to have a special controller to play the game anyway. I returned it and paid a few extra $$ and got a Barbie. And YES we should plan a play date! :o)