Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another one of my newest creations

Adorable quilted Tote Bags!!!
My assistant is quite adorable too! ;o)

They are generally the same, only opposite. the denim one has the rose inside. The rose one has the denim inside. :o)

Here is the denim one...

with roses inside.
Oops, i took a pix of one of a bag i didn't finish...each bag has binding on the seams.
Here is the rose one...

With denim inside. :o)
They measure 14"(ish) x 15"(ish) with a 10"(ish) handle. lol i didn't use a pattern so the sizes vary. I am selling these lovely tote bags for $15 They would also make a lovely diaper bag or a very nice gift.


Sniz said...

You know, these bags remind me of...well, I can't think of the name right now...I only know that my aunt is gaga for that brand. It's a female's name, and I'm sure bags like this sell for much more there. You do great work!

debbie said...

You are probably thinking Vera Bradley. I have heard so much about her bags. A few months ago dh and i were at the mall. (we NEVER go to the mall...) He was having an eye exam, and i had noticed that the store next door carried VB bags. I was suppose to be choosing frames for him during his exam, but i ran next door to see an actual VB bag for the first time. They are nice, they are expensive! The fabric choice is not the best. My purses are very similar to VB's These totes are similar, but i didn't put a zipper on them, and i like the fabric better! :)