Wednesday, January 30, 2008

another desprate attempt...

I am having a difficult time accepting the fact i wont be going with dh to Vegas....He is growing tired of my whining....which i don't normally do. (for the record.)
But on a brighter note, we are in the very beginning stages of attempting to move. We grew out of our cozy little house long ago. It is long overdue.

So on to my commercial!

Did you know that i sell Avon? Did you know that i also have a Avon Website!? Did you also know that you don't have to live in my neighborhood, or even my state to order from me!? :) It's a fact that you can live out of state *and* be my Avon customer. There is a shipping charge of $3 which is really nothing compared to other companies. Sometimes they even offer free shipping! When that special is running you will see it on the home page. So feel free to stop by and place an order! ;o)


eally said...

Hi Debbie, I found your blog through Sniz's blog...I used to buy Avon all the time but don't have anybody here that I know of who sells it anymore so I will keep you in mind! Thanks!

Me said...


debbie said...

Hi Eally,
thanks for stopping by. Feel free to visit my website. it is free to look! :)

well, yes eventually.... dh's job is 1 hour south/east of where we live. Gas prices are killing us, along with other things. We have talked about moving for years, just never did anything about it. Our 995sq ft house just doesn't cut it for a family of 7.

Scott said...

The hyper link is malformed in the original post. is the proper URL.

Thanks y'all.

Me said...

995sq ft house just doesn't cut it for a family of 7

Yep, sounds like it's time!