Thursday, January 31, 2008

la,la...just another day....

Just sitting around doin' nothin' but baking a cake for dh's birthday...... ;o)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

another desprate attempt...

I am having a difficult time accepting the fact i wont be going with dh to Vegas....He is growing tired of my whining....which i don't normally do. (for the record.)
But on a brighter note, we are in the very beginning stages of attempting to move. We grew out of our cozy little house long ago. It is long overdue.

So on to my commercial!

Did you know that i sell Avon? Did you know that i also have a Avon Website!? Did you also know that you don't have to live in my neighborhood, or even my state to order from me!? :) It's a fact that you can live out of state *and* be my Avon customer. There is a shipping charge of $3 which is really nothing compared to other companies. Sometimes they even offer free shipping! When that special is running you will see it on the home page. So feel free to stop by and place an order! ;o)

Son needs help with science project

They are relatively easy questions if you would like to help out. He needs to have 20 different people to answer.

Ear Lobes- Attached or Loose
Thumb placement with interlaced fingers- right over left or left over right
Tongue curling- can curl or cant curl
Mid-digital finger hair- Hair or no hair
Pigmented Iris- Light eyes or dark eyes
Widows peak- No peak or peak
Dimples- Dimples or No dimples
Dominant Hand- Left or Right

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another one of my newest creations

Adorable quilted Tote Bags!!!
My assistant is quite adorable too! ;o)

They are generally the same, only opposite. the denim one has the rose inside. The rose one has the denim inside. :o)

Here is the denim one...

with roses inside.
Oops, i took a pix of one of a bag i didn't finish...each bag has binding on the seams.
Here is the rose one...

With denim inside. :o)
They measure 14"(ish) x 15"(ish) with a 10"(ish) handle. lol i didn't use a pattern so the sizes vary. I am selling these lovely tote bags for $15 They would also make a lovely diaper bag or a very nice gift.

One of my newest creations

This is one of my newest creation. Kinda spiffy huh? :) It is a fleece baby blanket embroidered with the baby name of choice and Luther's Rose. This one was a gift for the newest baby at my church. They seemed to really like it and so did everyone else.
I have it listed on my webshots page since i haven't been able to make an appointment with my website designer to get it posted. If you would like to order one i am selling them for $15 your choice of fleece color. :)
I happen to have a 2nd creation coming soon....

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I posted some sales on my webshots page. I still have some things to list, so keep checking back! Thanks for looking! :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Pinewood Derby

This was Timothy's first year participating in Pine wood Derby. He was so excited about it too. His car was one of the only ones that looked like the boy had actually made the car. (but we expected that) He was very proud of his car. He choose to paint his car red with American flags on it. He also had his troop number on it since it was a race car.

And the race is on! Timothy's car is in lane 1, as you can see from the pix, at the begining of the race he is a car length ahead of the others. His car picked up speed from their and was undefeated!

He said that each time he won he smiled this crazy smile that he couldn't stop. Unfortunately from the distance and the lighting i couldnt get a pic of that smile. This is as close as i could get.

And here he is with his 1st Place trophy! He was so happy!

He then moved on to the finals...The other boys dads were allowed to put graphite on the wheels before their race so they were all really fast! I am not sure why Timmy's group didn't get to do that, but thats alright . His car wasn't as fast as the other boys and he took 3rd place in finals.

Here he is with his car and his 3rd place trophy. By now he was starting to zone. lol

Ahh, that 's better! Look at those trophy's! :o) Can you tell he is proud of them.?

At home he set up his new display on his dresser. Too bad that checkered flag is the curtain....
He already has some ideas for next year. He said either green with a turbine on top or a pink pig. lol

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Webshots page updated

I am working on updating my Webshots page with items i am selling. Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions or are interested in anything! :o) You can view it here

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Press Release

The story hit the paper today. If you are interested you can read it here

Thursday, January 10, 2008

No pictures today...

I do have something to tell you though...It is late and i cant sleep, so why not now.
It is official! I am loosing my job and i didn't even have to quit. Never could get up the courage to do it. Corporate announced Tuesday that the store will be closed and all merchandise will be liquidated! :oO Shocking news, huh? The store will be open for 2 yrs in May if we make it that long. As far as i know within the next 3 weeks all current Mgrs will be gone and liquidators will take over the store. All employees that stay will report to them.
Tonight business was slooowww....we did a lot of chit chatting. remembering the good times and bad. Not hard to remember the bad when kids at that moment were destroying the store. I refused to pick up the chewed candy off the floor! Ugh!
When i came back from my break i saw my most favorite customer. :o) I said "HI" she greeted me with a big smile and big hug. :o) I told my co-worker "this is my most favorite Nun!" Unfortunately those rude customers with the kids that threw the chewed candy on the floor made me help them. How rude! ;o)
It is bittersweet. I really liked working there. I didn't like working with certain people...but i love fabric. I love to look at it. lol I told dh that since i was SO bored i started talking to the fabric (perhaps too much methane gas) I told the flat folds/red tag fabric that i will *never* miss them! lol I was really bored!
It is strange, everyone is walking around with frowns. It is tough to be cheerful. The store is already showing signs that something is going on. I noticed it Monday. I just thought they were getting ready for truck day, I guess not. We are not allowed to bring up the subject. If someone asks us we are allowed to tell them it is because of over saturation. To many stores within a 15 mile radius, any further questions they should contact corporate.
I plan on staying through liquidation. I don't think i will go to another store. None of the other stores are as convenient as this one. Perhaps i will have to get working on stocking more items on my website....

Sunday, January 06, 2008

more pictures

The kids discovered that our tree top angel did not make it this year. the middle 3 decided to make a new angel. the head is made out of a Lego wheel,covered in paper. the body is paper and LOTS of tape! :o) Notice the smiling face and the hand drawn detail of the wings.

Last year i saw these purple poinsettias. i never got one last year, but decided i *was* going to get one this year! it was not an easy task either! When i didn't have money, the store had them...When had money, the store didn't have them...Finally i found one AND had money....
This is the BEST Christmas Picture!!!! Timothy is crying because he was SO happy his brother received Nerf dart tag.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

more catching up

this is sarah at the cubscout christmas party. every year santa gives the kids gifts.
Last year she got a barbie doll that she named kellie pickler. but kellie pickler got eaten by the puppy. She was hopeful for a replacement this year.

much to her dismay, no Barbie

we were too busy to celebrate Jacob's 13th birthday and had to go to the cub scout Christmas party. so we went to steak and shake for lunch one day. he was so upset that we weren't able to do something special for his 13th birthday.

we surprised Jacob with a party on Sunday with all his friends and some family.

Jake was pretty surprised and very happy with his party. he got plenty of things that he wanted and it was nice to not have to clean up the house for a party for once :P

this is Mr. and Mrs. Evil Genius.
and this is for trying to break my camera ;)