Monday, December 29, 2008

A month in pictures....

It has been a crazy month here....between school, work and Christmas sneaking up on me I lost track of time. I have tons of pictures i have been meaning to blog about, but never had a chance or was too tired to think. So in no particular order....

We attended a Cub scout Christmas party...Here is our cub scout enjoying the party. We sat with a nice guy and his scout son that is in Timothy's group. This man thoroughly enjoyed talking with Timothy. His son was off running around being crazy and Timothy was sitting quietly. They talked about all sorts of interesting things. This dad works for NASA and he will be doing science, hands on type thing with the scouts in the spring. It sounds like it will be really fun for the boys.
Here is One of the dads was playing the bagpipes, Joshua didn't like it from the looks of his reaction.
and here is Sarah, we HAD to buy this Christmas headband for this party!! OMG! gg and she looks stunning in it! she was also enjoying cookies too...
The older two decided to NOT attend the party this year! lol I guess being teenagers and all....

At the party they had about 6 of these blow up animals. Sarah's goal for the night was to have her picture taken with each one!!! sigh....I wont bore you with each one. This one was the cutest. It was tough getting good pictures with 50 kids running around the place. lol
Here is Joshua getting his gift from that guy that wouldnt let him sit on his lap. lol The other kids ran off to quickly so they missed the picture. And yes, Joshua does have his shirt on backwards....Some things are not worth fighting He also likes to wear his undies backwards.....and his
We also had a birthday, Jacob turned 14 He invited his friend over and they played video games all afternoon. They came up to eat and open presents. Josh for some reason decided to tackle never know what to expect from Josh...
Jacob and Emily were invited to a bday party at a horse barn. They got to groom and ride horses. Jacob being Jacob didn't know it was at a barn and i forgot to remind him to take his allergy medicine....Jacob is extremely allergic to horses....He really likes horses and still had a good time even though he was miserable. Here is Jacob with his horse and partner.
Here is Emily with her horse and partner. Emily has taken lessons in the past, she was disappointed she wasn't able to ride by herself...but she got over it! lol I think it was the smell of horses that helped. lol
Look how strong my ds is!!! lol He must have been a very good boy this year to receive such enormous
They are actually empty boxes. lol Someone had a Christmas party at our church and these were some decorations that were left behind.
We also made cookies...We used a LOT of flour this day....Here is Timothy serious about making cookies.....
Josh being a spaz about making cookies....
Look at all that flour....sigh....
Sarah trying to be as careful as she can. These were special cookies for Santa. Although i think she knows that daddy really eats them.
Ohhh...flour in the eye.....I really didn't feel sorry for him. Not after tossing flour everywhere....I did make him suffer while i got a good picture. LOL
I wanted to share some special ornaments on our tree. I don't have any from when i was a kid, but i have some special ones from recent. I received this one from my friend Diane in NE. Each year the email list we are on has an ornament exchange. I haven't had a chance to ask, but i am positive this was hand carved. It is very pretty, Thank you Diane! :o)
This is the PIF gift i received from LisaV. I couldn't wait to put it on my tree. I looks beautiful! When the tree comes down i will have to find a special place for it in my sewing area so i can admire it all year long.

Here are some favorite ornaments of mine. They are clear with sparkly snowflakes. I have several different shapes and sizes of them.

This was a gift to dh and i this year. I had never seen a Luther's Rose ornament before. We like it a lot.

And my last ornament was also a gift this year. Isn't she adorable? :o) I collect Cherished Teddies...well used to. Don't have the $$ or space too much any more. lol But i do love them. :o)

So other than that I was running WAY behind Christmas Eve I was baking and wrapping gifts all day. We didn't even eat lunch that day. We nibbled on cookies though....and we ended up getting Mc D's for dinner on the way to church. lol
Christmas was good. We have this tradition of having Cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas day. So while the Cinnamon rolls were baking the kids opened their gifts. They seemed very pleased with what they got even though it wasn't much. I did happen to find a Wii Fit a few days before Christmas and was thrilled about that. They kids were even more thrilled when they opened it! :oD They have been exercising each on the other hand hasn't.... :o/ Of course mom had to work over the weekend and hasn't recovered yet. lol Always an excuse, i know....

For several weeks a friend and i have been trying to get together. We had a Hobby Lobby/Pannera day planned. I had never been in a Hobby Lobby before and one recently opened near her house. Today finally was a good day for both of us, so we went shopping and our kids visited at her house while we went out. We hit the stamping dept first so we were sure to have all our energy for that dept. lol We were there for several hours and never got to see everything in the store! I guess we will have to plan Pt 2. lol
I got a really cute (clear) stamp set. It is my first clear set, SU never promoted clear stamps so while selling SU i never even bothered with them. Now i can do as I please. lol I also got some Christmas verse stamps, now i don't have to print them off the computer! I got some really cute paper and some supplies that I had run out of. I suppose now that means i have to clean my stamp area so i can make some cute cards.....
Always something....I wish Christmas break was longer.....

One last thing before i end this extremely long post! A friend of mine from work told me that she had talked to a mgr about seasonal employees. As far as i know her and i are 2 of 10 that are going to be kept on! :o) I haven't heard it "officially" but I am on the next schedule and other seasonal employees are not. I am sad for them, but happy for me. I know it had to be a very difficult decision! There were so many good workers hired for the season. I am not sure how many but there was a LOT! I am happy because I have been making good progress on paying medical bills! Hours for January are sparse, but they should pick up in a few weeks.
Thanks for reading! I know this was long. I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year! :o)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Seeing Santa

Earlier in the month we went to a cub scout Christmas party. Santa made an appearance and gave the kids each a gift. since there were so many kids, Santa didn't get a chance to talk to each child or let the kids sit on his lap. We have never really pushed the Santa issue and I didn't even know that Joshua knew who Santa was....After he was handed his gift and Santa was ready for the next family, Joshua started to cry. When we got back to our table i asked him was was wrong. He said "I didn't get to sit in that guys lap!" Now he didn't know what the guys name was, but he knew that you were suppose to sit on his lap! LOL
I decided to take him to the mall to sit on Santa's lap. Sarah decided she wanted to go to, so the three of us went. We went early in the morning, I was surprised to find no one in line. Santa greeted the kids even before we were in line and the kids were able to go right up and sit on his lap. They must have sat and talked for 10 minutes before other kids got in line. I am not sure what all they talked about, i am sure it was good! lol Joshua refused to look at Santa's face, but he did talk to him a bit. Now he is happy he got to sit on that guys lap and that guy gave him a sucker so now he can sleep at night. lol
See the green and red bowl looking thing next to Sarah? that was the sucker holder! It was full of pretty colored suckers. Hundreds of them! After we couldn't resist the scent of Auntie Anne's any longer....and i happened to have a coupon for a free pretzel. :o) Mmmm...I *love* Auntie Anne's.......

The city offers a program where you take a wrapped gift to city hall and on a designated day Santa will come on a fire truck and give your child the present. Since we never pushed the Santa issue, we never did it. This year a child a few houses down from us was on Santa's route. I took Joshua out on the porch to see Santa and the fire truck. Since Santa didn't bring Joshua a present Joshua said "That guy hates me!" and he cried. lol Dad came to the rescue and told him those kids wont be home when Santa comes so they get their presents early. He will get his presents on Christmas day. lol He accepted that and went about his business of destruction. lol

Thanks for reading! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Twilight spoof...

OMG!!! This is the funniest thing ever!!! Even if you don't like Twilight, you should watch this. Please tell me you will....

And thanks to my dd, for NOT sharing this with me first....shes just jealous cause i put the first one on my blog before her! :oP Oh, yeah! I got this one to load on my blog and you didn't! :oP LOL Pretty bad when your mom can do it and you cant! :o) love you!

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Birthday Boy!!!

Yesterday was Jacobs 14th birthday!!! I just cant believe he is 14.... It seems like just yesterday he was a little boy, and now we stand eye to eye. A day he has been eagerly awaiting.
It was a quiet day, but enjoyable. (I hope for him also) He had a friend over and they played video games for hours. Occasionally he would come up from the basement and make an appearance.
His birthday cake request was a delicious choice. I had made this dessert for Thanksgiving and he enjoyed it so much he requested it for his birthday cake. I doubled the recipe and made a crust of crushed Oreo cookies and made it in a 9X13 pan. You can find the recipe here...
It has been such a joy to watch him grow and mature into a young man. I cant wait to see what the future holds for him. I love you Jacob! :o)

You can see his dads post about his bday here

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Catching up...

I have gotten behind on life so blogging (and reading blogs) have suffered. Tonight when i should be doing something else i though i would take the time to post a few pictures of things have been up to.
A while back i made some PJ pants for the older boys. I have been meaning to post pictures, but I always think about taking a picture when they are already dressed for the day. Finally one morning i remembered. lol Aren't they perfect angels??

Of course we had to get through this.....

and this.....before we get the perfect brothers pose.

My two teenagers are planning on attending a Lutheran youth conference in the spring with some other teens from our Church. The kids started doing some fundraising to help pay their way. This past week they had a bake sale after Church during a pot luck luncheon. I tried to take pictures of all the goodies the kids were selling, but for some reason my batteries never charged for my camera and i couldn't take any pictures. :o/ There were some yummy things, the kids are off to a good start with fundraising.
I have tons of stamping stuff from my Stampin Up i pulled some of that stuff out and made some ornaments to sell at the bake sale. I suppose that makes it a Bake sale and Ornament sale.....
These are really fun and easy to make. We sold quite a few of them. I also made some of these....Not as easy as the previous ones...but they were a bigger hit. I think we sold most of these. Sorry, I couldn't get a good picture, the glass ball was impossible!

And then there are the domino ornaments. These were fun to make. Emily, Sarah and I sat down one evening and worked on them. After they dried, I spent a day doing the gold leafing on the edges, another day i did I put on the ribbon and another day i tied bows. It was a long process since we did so many. They seemed to be a hit too. We have a lot of them left over, I am not sure what i am going to do with the left overs. lol Our Church has a pot luck each month, so i hope to sell some more next month.
Of course if anyone is interested in purchasing any of them I could send you some for a donation to our youth group. :o)

Over the weekend we had a (blogger) tea party. Jane and most of her family were traveling through the area and stopped to visit. Barb K was the hostess that came up with the Tea Party idea. Friday night she hosted a family gathering. My family attended, but i had to work. But i heard about many interesting things that happened that night! lol
I almost missed the Tea party because i didn't pay attention to the time. I guess i assumed it was at night and i had to work. Luckily i thought to ask the time and it was in the afternoon. Barb had some delicious things at her Tea Party, like pumpkin scones, little chicken sandwiches, cherry scones and fruit. I cant remember what else, but it was good. And it was fun!

So here are all the moms from left to right is Barb M , me , Jane , Marie , and Barb K.

Since my camera was acting up that day i didn't get any pictures of the girls. Perhaps one day Barb K will blog about her Tea party and post them! :o)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dimlight-funny spoof off Twilight

I'm Back! Did ya miss me??
The past few weeks I've been obsessed with Twilight. lol My 16yo dd got me hooked! In about a 3 week period i read all four books. The last one being over 700 pages. It is so addicting and i didn't have any self control (as dh put it) and every possible minute i had to read. (or be with Edward, dh again) I didn't take it to church...didn't think that was a good idea. lol But i took it everywhere else that i may have a few minutes to read.
It all started when a fellow home school mom sent out a warnning about the Twilight books! I knew Emily had been reading them, so I asked her what they were about. She tried to explain but it really didn't make any sense. I stopped her and told her that was good enough, no harm.
During Sarah's ballet class i would normally go out walking. Sometimes i would walk around the square 5 times, and still be back to the studio before she was finished with class. Sometimes I would wander out into the neighborhood and still be back in time.
The weather started to get cold and rainy so on the way out the door one day I asked Emily for a good book to read during class. She giggled and handed me Twilight. Sarah was off to class and I started to read. The next thing i knew Sarah was back. I thought perhaps she needed to use the restroom, but she said "no". I asked her if she got in trouble and was sent out of class....but she said "No!" :o/ She was finished with class! The time went by so quickly I was totally amazed! lol From there it was all down hill. I just couldn't put the book down, so I figured as soon as I finish them the sooner i can get back to my life. lol So now I am finished. :o)
Yesterday dd and i went to see the movie. It was really good but like any other book turned movie they had to leave stuff out.
Emily found this spoof off Twilight and we thought it was SO funny! I hope you think this is as funny as we did! :o)
Now that I am finished with all the books and have seen the movie, I should be back to blogging and reading blogs soon! :o)


Friday, November 14, 2008

My job again

I discovered two things that i don't like about my job....

1) Once the schedule is posted, they can go back and change it. They don't take days away...but they can add days to your schedule without even telling you!

2)Working in soft lines! It never fails, i go through the dept trying to make it look perfect and a customer comes over and messes up everything up!

Ahh the joys of working retail! :o)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A thing of beauty....

Thanks to the guys at

Broadview Heating

for a job well done!

We got our new furnace/heat pump installed yesterday! Our old furnace was 50 some years old! With the temps dropping we were glad to hear they were coming early. It has been pretty cold in the house. We didn't want to turn on the old furnace this year so we bundled up.
This heat pump stuff is new to me, I only know that in the winter it will keep us warm and in the summer it will keep us cool! :o) Plus it will save us tons of money. lol Up until now we have only had window AC and an old, noisy tired furnace....
The guys arrived close to the time they said they would be here and quickly got to work. We were very please with the customer service that we received. I was surprised when i heard them sweeping up their mess in the basement. lol They left our house in the same condition that they found it. The one guy even offered to wash and paint our wall for us! lol Not really, but we tried! But if anyone really does want to come wash walls and paint common over!!! :o)
I think in the spring we are going to put a little fence around it. The guy warned us to not let the dog lift his leg on it. The dog is pretty good at not doing that, but you never know....but a cute fence with some flowers would be nice. :o) lol too bad i come up with all this stuff in my head, but cant seem to get it out. lol
Enjoying being warm today.....

Thursday, November 06, 2008

My new job

I started my new job this week at Target. Monday i trained on the registers. It was scary at first, but i quickly got the hang of it. Did you know that lip balm is a chemical and should NOT be placed in a bag with food! It should go with non food items instead......

Tuesday i trained on the sales floor in electronics/toys/housewares/sporting goods. (BIG dept) I arrived at 5 and was taken to meet my trainer. He just happened to be going to lunch at 5, so another guy gave me a scanner and gave me a quick rundown of how to use it. Then he gave me a shopping cart full of stuff to re-shop. Then he disappeared and i never saw him again until much later. When my trainer got back from lunch i showed him the things i couldn't find. We just kept working on carts until everything was put away. Then we had to zone (clean) our dept. Not too bad but it will be crazy at Christmas time!
One really freaky thing i learned in the toy dept is about these cute little baby dolls...
The shelves are full of these cute baby dolls. When you walk buy them they all start wiggling and cooing at you. Every little girl would want to have one of these dolls they are so adorable! But eventually a phrase comes out that totally blows you away!! One of the phrases they are programed to say is "Islam is the light" I am not kidding!!! It is really freaky! FP denies the fact that the dolls say anything like that! They insist it is baby gurgle. You can watch this youtube clip if you wanna....the dolls voice has not been enhanced. It really says it clear as day! Next time you are in the toy dept you should check it out for yourself. You WILL be freaked out! lol

Last night i trained in soft lines. Another big dept! Woman's, men's, infants, boys, girls, shoes, bras, handbags and jewelry.....whew! Mostly i stayed in infants and women's. All night we just kept refolding, rehanging and putting stuff away. It was harder since in the toys the scanner would tell me the exact location of the item. In clothing, as far as i know, the scanner does not. It was frustrating trying to find where some of the stuff went. When actually it really didn't have a place so....I didn't mind working in infants, but woman's wasn't as much fun....I suppose once i learn the dept i would like it better...The ladies in soft lines really liked me and requested that they keep me! lol They said that i am really productive! :o) The store mgr said i did a very good job in infants!

Over all it is not too bad. Working here is so much nicer than at Joanns. Target is so laid back and nice about everything. (unlike Joanns) For instance, there was a problem with my schedule. I was scheduled on a day that i requested off. I talked to the scheduling lady and showed her where it said in my file that i needed the day off for my stamp class. I told her i could change my class to the next week if she could give me that day off instead. She was very nice about it and even apologized. Then she suggested that i turn in a request off slip instead, that way it is in the computer and she will see it each month. At Joanns requesting off was worse than getting a tooth pulled! lol And breaks! They allow you take your breaks! At joanns breaks were considered a privilege! (law or no law)
Also during your break you are allowed to shop if you want. (sounds dangerous!) lol I asked about that because at Joanns, only the mgr could ring you out and you had to have your bag stapled and kept at customer service. When your shift was over your bags and purse had to be inspected.
At target, anyone can ring you out and you can keep your packages to your locker. When you leave for the evening they smile and say "Thank you!" with a smile. Funny how being nice to your employees makes friendly employees.....
I am just hoping my back holds up! I have noticed after about 4.5-5 hours my back really starts to hurt! (last spring i had sciatica and found out i also have arthritis in my back) I hope it I can last through the season. I may have to request shorter shifts if it gets too bad.

With my training this week and being tired during the day for school, I have been very crabby! lol I haven't had much time to read blogs lately. I have the next two days off so i hope to catch up then. :o)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 apples were tasty! My six apples sure went along way! I ended up not only making a pie....

I made a pie like thing in a 9 X13 pan. It has a pie crust on bottom, crumb topping with caramel. This one seems to be the favorite.
But i still had left over i was going to make apple crisp, but found out too late that i didn't have any oats. I was going to use instant oatmeal, but we didn't have any of that either. So it's basically apple with crumb topping.
And to let you in on a little secret.....I don't like pie! I like to make it for my family, but i never eat it! In fact i wont eat any of these.

We also got fresh potatoes at the pumpkin farm. Fresh from the ground! :o) They made delicious mashed potatoes! :o) But i had to run off to work so i didn't get a pic or to enjoy them. :o(Sunday while they guys were watching football, i took the girls to the mall! It was a special treat because we NEVER go to the mall. We just cant afford it. We had 1 rule and that was No rushing! lol I had to remind Sarah a few times of that rule when Emily was looking at stuff.
And this is what happens (again) when CP gets ahold of my camera. At least they weren't rushing me! They each got headbands at hot topic. (lol) $3 on the clearance rack. While i was trying on coats they took pixs of themselves with their new headbands.
It was heart warming to see them getting along so well and having fun together. There is 10 years between them.
Well someplace i have a picture of fabric spread out all over the floor. A woman at my church asked me about making some baby quilts for charity. A ladies group she is in is collecting them. It felt it was something i could do and i knew i had tons of fabric to do it with. So I got out what i call **"my ugly" fabric and started matching it up. We separated it in groups of 3 fabrics that matched. I originally was going to do a super nine patch, but my ugly fabric is in various sizes and with the nine patch it asks for 1 yard pieces. I tried to adjust the pattern but it got too confusing working with 38 sets. I knew i would never remember what was missing or what was a different size. So i changed to cutting it all into 5 " squares. I really like how that looks! It looks so much nicer than the nine patch. The nine patch is great with pretty fabric, but not with ugly fabric. lol
So i have been spending some time cutting 5 " squares. So far i estimate i have 1, 000 squares cut. And I am only half way through my box! It doesn't look like that many, but it is.

**My ugly fabric isn't really ugly...Well some if it is, but that is another story. I call it ugly because it is not the bright pretty new stuff that they sell now. All together in a box i think it looks ugly. when we separated it and matched it up it is not so ugly.

Here is Sarah getting her award for Cheer leading. She decided on the last day to open up and be talkative. lol
It is not a real good picture... this is the card I made for Coach Dean to thank him for a terrific season. I just love this stamp set. :o)
And one last picture....Here are some of the kids on Halloween. Timothy went as a flag football player. Joshua wore a handmedown dragon costume and Sarah went as "queen devil" lol She changed her mind so many times....Emily didn't dress up this year, but she walked with us for a while until Rascal got too freaked out. Jacob didn't dress up at all, he's 13 ya know! lol

Monday, November 03, 2008

Champions Crowned!

The World Champions of the Viking Division, i9 of Summit County Football league were crowned on Saturday. Not surprisingly, the All Star Assassins continued their dominating ways and took the trophy in a 28-13 route of the Buckeyes. After last week's 7-6 near-loss to the Buckeyes, the All Star Assassins had a tough week of practices and workouts to prepare for the championship game. None of the players were seen together during the week, so the rigorous regimen must have been a closely guarded secret at a secret training facility.

The hard work paid off though, as the Assassins came ready to play, and to win. Coach Dean put the boys through their paces in a pre-game workout stressing a new multi-purpose offensive formation which he called extensively during the game.

All the weapons of the Assassins were used in a Buckeye-cracking display of shock and awe. Wide receivers Dale and Billy made several catch-and-runs for big yardage. Tight end Timmy made a crucial third down catch across the middle of the field. Running back Zac "The Truck" pounded the Buckeyes line into meal with some good old fashioned smashmouth football. Deano and Justin alternated quarterback duties, with Deano being the more mobile and Justin in for the long-bomb plays, and Dashawn was the Assassins' center, ready for the quick outlet in case of blitz.

Zac, "The Truck" makes tacklers miss on his way to the end-zone.

Timmy, Cornerback for the Assassins, instructs a Buckeye receiver about respect at the end of a screen pass.

After their victory, the Assassins were rewarded with pizza and each boy received a trophy. While every team got pizzas, only the champs got trophies.

The Assassins are looking at a long off-season of weight rooms and wind sprints. Spring season starts in April.

And once again swipped from dh's blog..... :o)