Thursday, December 20, 2007

What i have been up to

These are most of the pillow cases i made for a woman i know. They were for her mother, uncles, aunts and friends.

Above is a quilt i made for a friend . She is giving it to her dd for Christmas. Below is the quilt i made for my cousin to give to her sil. They both turned out really nice!


Marie N. said...

Those pillowcases are beautiful! It sill be fun for her to watch her family open their gifts :-)

debbie said...

she got together with her aunts and uncles at Thanksgiving time. They were all headed to Fla for the winter. I am not sure about her mom and friends. It turns out that this woman took ill, some kind of allergic reaction to her arthritis meds. her kidneys and liver shut down and she got some kind of staff infection in her leg. She has been and will be in the hospital for several weeks. Then she will be moved into a nursing home for rehab.

Sniz said...

Those pillowslps are beautiful! You are really talented.