Friday, December 21, 2007

playing catch up

This is my sweet Sarah playing with the only Dora toy she owns....See how sweet she is, she is sweet enough to give you a tooth ache.

Now sweet Sarah will show you what dora really* carries in her backpack! LOL Lets all sing "backpack, backpack....backpack, backpack..."

A few weeks ago Em was invited to a Christmas party at the park where she volunteers. The theme was 50's. They were so creative in decorating!! They made the tables into cars at a drive in. Cool!
Here are the fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror.
and the drive in speaker.

Records were hanging everywhere...
Here is Emily playing paddle ball. She was pretty good at it.
Here she is hula hooping. she was "really" good at that! She actually won the hula hoop contest and won 5 tickets for the prize drawing. Unfortunately none of those tickets got her a prize
The party was a lot of fun. As we walked in the door we were given our movie ticket (schedule of events) and a box of movie theater candy. I choose snowcaps. :o) They served us popcorn while we watched "Attack of the Killer Shrews" For dinner we had hot dogs/burgers with coleslaw, chips and pickles. After dinner the shake shop opened up and we had shakes and a belly ache. LOL It was so much fun! I was glad Emily asked me to go along. Emily and i don't always get to do stuff like this. It was alot of fun! :o)

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