Monday, November 19, 2007

Been really busy....

I really am here...I have been busy since getting home from our trip. I had some sewing projects that i needed to finish up first. I needed to finish a quilted bag, which i finished in time to drop off at the PO on my way to work Friday. I was suppose to have my15 (yes the # went up) pillow cases finished yesterday...Um, i should be sewing instead of typing....then i have 2 quilts to finish up ASAP, but before Christmas.
Dh and dd have done a better job at writing about our trip than i could, so i encourage you to read their blogs. My short version is;
We had long drive to Co. We left at night, so we really didn't get to see much of In and Ill. I think we have seen it before and it is still a lot like Oh. We drove through NE. most of the day and i don't remember it being much of anything exciting. the western part if the state was better. UT was spectacular! all the bigness of it all and the massive rock was breathtaking. Our first stop was Co. we stayed with a fellow ML family. they have a cattle ranch on the CO/Wy border. We all had a good time and wished we could stay longer. Josh loved getting up in the morning and seeing the cutest black calf roaming about the yard. He was so excited that he ran out out into the crisp frosted grass in nothing but a diaper and a shirt. Once i got him properly dressed he enjoyed petting that calf. When he came inside she came to the door and licked the glass. He tried letting her in, but was out numbered by adults. lol They also had the cutest short Jack Russell! I ad that bread to my list of wanted dogs..(i am not really a dog person) lol
We eventually needed to head off for Vegas, we got their Monday afternoon. it is almost shocking after driving in the desert for so long to come into Vegas. the enormity of it all. Our hotel was amazing!!! We lived in luxury for 4 days. One day i actually went into my room, closed the door and watched what *I* wanted to watch on TV (which there was nothing good on..) and i couldn't hear any kids. Which after about 10 minutes i began to worry. I was afraid josh would escape and wonder off. In most hotel rooms they have that bar you can close and the door will only open a few inches. With our upgrade (WOW) we had an impressive suite that had double doors with only the deadbolt lock, which he quickly figured out. He never actually got out which was good. Time in Vegas went by so quickly. We didn't get to do all of the things we wanted. We did get to swim a few times and hang out in the room and watch tv, which was on my list of things to do. lol The strip was so overwhelming, that the kids and i were just exhausted by it. We never ventured out alone except for the day Jenn in Vegas came to pick us up for the afternoon. Unfortunately by the time that day arrived we were completely exhausted and were poor guests. She took us on base and showed us around. We met her dh and he gave us a tour of what they call "The petting zoo" it is a museum type thing of military aircraft, tanks and such. Very interesting! after that most of the kids fell asleep so we grabbed some lunch and headed back to the hotel. We missed meeting her kids and having a play day. I guess we should have done that first. :o(
That weekend at the hotel was the Latin Grammy awards. so on top of all the conference attendees and all the gamblers, we add all these Latin awards attendees/fans. Since we are not current on our Latin stars, we were not aware that the person behind us was famous....Until a crowd of people started to swarm us with cameras and pens. Then we would turn around and see who they were really stalking...It was rather stressful to begin with keeping track of 5 kids, and add all these crazed fans it was nuts!! after 2 days the security was increased and was better.
Unfortunately we had to leave...we were all cranky and sad that day. On our way home we drove over Hoover Dam. it was too expensive to stop, since you had to pay to park and pay to get into the visitor center so on we drove. It was really dark when we arrived at our hotel. We washed clothes and relaxed. the next morning we spent the day seeing the Grand Canyon. It was amazing. We left and went to see the I-max movie they showed in town, and ended up going back in because i had remembered that Timmy was excited to finally get to see the Colorado River. (he learned about it in school) We had to take the shuttle to the viewing area. then you really couldn't see much of it anyway. lol But he was happy with what we did see.
We got ran off the road in NM. Ate dinner at the Big Texan and had a bunch of cranky kids on the way home. lol Josh ended up coming down with a fever the last driving day and slept the entire last day! Which was good since he was about to be tied to the roof! (not really...) lol
So now we are home and have a lot of catching up to do. :o) And that my friend is the short Now back to sewing.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We are home!

We are home from our 3 in 1 vacation! :o) We had a lot of fun...but i have a lot of things to catch up on before i can tell you all about it. SORRY! :o(