Friday, October 12, 2007

Why i love Fall!

Wednesday we went on a field trip to Ramseyer farm in Wooster. It was a rather blustery day but 'perfect' for pumpkin picking. This was a field trip sponsored by Ohdela, the online school the kids are enrolled in. Everything was planned out for us. I love that part!! We got their a little early so the kids were able to explore for a bit. Joshua *loved* playing in the corn wagon!!

This is a pix of Joshua on the slide. they used these huge pipes as slides, Joshua also loved bumping all the way down the slide....
We couldn't pass us this photo opt! aren't those some cute pumpkins!!

We rode in the hay wagon out to the pumpkin/potato patch and each child was able to choose one pumpkin and one potato. Joshua fell in love with this green one and was so proud of his potato. (doesn't he look sleepy!!!)
It was the most beautiful day! The Ramseyer's own 700 Acres. they grow pumpkins, potato's, corn, popping corn, soybeans, gourds, and wheat. We had tour of the barn where we learned about all the work that they do on the farm and while we were listening to that a woman their was another slicing and frying up some fresh potato chips for us to taste. Those were the very best chips i have ever tasted! (by now dh is going to get bored with my !!'s lol but we had such a good time!) lol

this is a pic of the education, um i mean fun area. each station has an activity that is hands on fun. (educational)These are some of the smaller mazes the hay maze is for pre-school age, and the potato crates are a "master maze" in order to proceed through the maze correctly you had to answer math questions.

Here is a pumpkin pyramid...
two baby pygmy goats that were about 1 week old. (awww...) I LOVED THOSE GOATS! I want one!!!!
This is the pumpkin patch where we picked our pumpkins. The boys were disappointed because on the way to the patch, we had passed some extra large pumpkins. then we came upon these itsy bitty ones. they wanted a BIG one very badly. You can see behind the row of weeds some more pumpkins. Those were medium sized ones, so the boys ran and got to choose the best pumpkin. They were all very happy with their selection.
EMILY IS IN LOVE!!!! isn't this the sweetest thing ever!? This little guy (or gal?) loved to have it's chin scratched. It really loved Emily too, but we didn't think we could get away with walking it out the door or having it while living in the city plus i didn't think mil would be happy with us putting a calf in her car. lol
This is a picture of a picture of the Ohio corn maze. Since they had a better view, Emily decided it would be best to just take a pic of their pic. We didn't have a map, but we walked the whole outline of the state of Ohio. Sarah was a bit upset, she was afraid we were going to get lost. This was a really big maze. it was about 3 acres in size.

If you would like to see additional pictures you can check out Em's photo blog
We really had a great time. Thanks to mil for letting us borrow her car so we could go! :o)


agnusdei said...

Looks like you all made lots of fun memories today! :)

Melzie said...

OH too fun I want to go ;)
BTW tagged you on my blog ;)
xoxo melzie

Barb the Evil Genius said...

You'll just have to hope a goat or an alpaca shows up at your front door. :)