Saturday, October 06, 2007

Who said words can't hurt?

Because i know for a fact that they can and do!

In honor of my 1 year anniversary, my boss threw me a private party. (aka job review) After i was finished i would have preferred to be a slug swimming in salt water...or maybe a dish of beer. Better yet a dish of beer with a salted rim! She said some really mean and hurtful things to me. I cried like blubbering idiot. several times... infant each time my mind drifts back to work i start to cry all over again. crying now....Gosh do words hurt!
Dh is away again, on another scout camp trip. i tried calling him but only get voice mail.
All the crazy things i thought i was making up in my head are all true. see I'm not crazy! i feel like a rotten, horrible, evil person....
Funny thing is i got a pay raise. I got a 3% raise, the top amount one can get is 3.5%....


Polly said...

I'm sorry. : (
I can't imagine what negative thing she'd have to say about you.

Ya give some people an inch and they take a mile, don't they?


debbie said...

one thing was that "no one" likes working with me because they say when they work with me, they work alone! I cant say *anything* to anyone because i don't know who her *rats* can i work with them thinking that they think that about me? and why do i work up a sweat each night if i do nothing?

Sniz said...

What it the world? This doesn't make sense. She threw you a party, then said a bunch of things that made you cry? What's that all about? I hate it when I feel crappy and Mr. Shumway isn't there to talk to. I feel so bad for you!! Are you talking about JoAnns?

Marie N. said...

Sounds like you got the brunt of her bad day.

Hope you are feeling better by now though.

debbie said...

Marie, she was in a good mood!

Sniz, i didn't mean to imply she threw an actual party. It was just her and I in her office for my yearly review. Funny thing, in the year i have been there, no one has talked to me about any of these problems until now. Well except for the "lock down" (Joann's way of measuring fabric) different people test us each month and they all have a different way of measuring. you have to figure out that persons way and use that when you are tested with that person. it's all a game! an evil, nasty, no win game!

I am seriously considering quiting! i have to work tonight, i am going to see how that goes and decide from there. I would like to speak to my supervisor, since i work with her directly. but i may get in trouble for that.

elephantschild said...

Sounds like jealousy to me. Some people just can't stand to see someone else doing their job well!

Retail work is the pits sometimes. I'm sorry. :(