Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Job update...again...

After being called off work on Friday, i was wondering where this tale was going to take me this week. Last night i worked with a woman that started the same day as i did. She wanted me to know that the feelings expressed were not her feelings. Seems like the word got out! :o~ I am not exactly sure what got out but i dont think anyone at work knows all that was said. She told me she was 'so' angry when she heard what had happened, that she went to management and told them she didn't like them putting such words into her mouth. She was practically in tears when we were talking. That night i made sure i told her everything i did. I also made sure to tell the manager on duty everything i did too. She was confused at first, but eventually i think she got it. I assume she knows, but i didn't say any reason for telling her such info...Funny thing, this morning we got a phone call from a person with the same first initial and last name as my Mgr....I didn't answer! lol

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