Friday, October 19, 2007

Go Tribe!!!

Ok, so i was told that when the home team is winning i need to be a Tribe fan!!! I understand this is a big deal...but i just don't get into it...sorry!!!
Last night while watching Survivor and The Office, dh kept switching to the game. So here are my random comments on the game...1) did we have to watch Manny pick his nose? 2) did we have to watch Manny pick his nose the second time!? 3)how many times did we have to watch the instant re-play of Manny's ball hitting the yellow tape? 4)Why cant we just like Manny? Just cause he looks like a thug in a baseball uniform...He was once a team player...cant we just all get along? lastly, # 5) why do we have to listen to the commentators ramble endlessly?
So, did they win!? since i need to be a tribe fan i should know these things....
I admit, i couldn't stand it any more and went and read blogs...gotta keep up on PW ya know! ;o)
then i went to bed and couldn't sleep because i was too busy worrying about stupid stuff..
Why do i do that!?