Monday, October 22, 2007

The End....

I guess my short lived fanism is over...(i know that is not a word) I wasn't a very good tribe fan anyway. We will add that loss to a long list of other losses from our Cleveland sports teams.
What i have learned is that Kenny Lofton came back! (didn't know that) Where is Omar? or Sandy Alomar? now those are some names i can relate to.... I also learned that Manny needs to keep a tissue or a hankie in his pocket, and sports casters love to do instant replays..(which i HATE!!!) I also learned that talking ball is a different language. After church Sunday chatting with 2 other women, 3 guys (husbands to the 3 women) walked up and our women chat turned into a baseball conversation. I was the foreigner, i didn't understand a word they were saying. I did manage to pick out a legible word or two but none of it made sense..."maybe next year!"


Anonymous said...

Don't worry your not the only one. The same thing happened to me, when my hubby, Quipper, and the two pastors where talking about some kind of baseball trivia, I'm like what did you just say.

And my hubby likes to listen the the game on the radio, when the kids are watching T.V. You know what I say to the Indian losing there's always FOOTBALL. LOL :-)

Sniz said...

You put it so seem to grow up knowing how to speak "sports"