Monday, October 01, 2007

Birthday Boy!

Yesterday was Timothy's 8th birthday. We had a little family party for him. It was a beautiful day so we were able to hold the party outside. Emily our official party photographer, took tons of photos....but had a terrible accident and dropped her new camera. (NOT a pretty sight) it should have been rushed to the emergency room.. instead will be taking it to the camera Dr.
Not good!!! :o(
Instead of b-day photos, we have some photos of the newest cub scout in our family. (these were the last pix taken before the terrible accident) Timmy is so excited about joining scouts! his first meeting is this Wednesday he can hardly wait!!! see how serious he is about scouting? this is not the goofy timothy troublemaker we know...

So back to the b-day...This is the card i made for him, it is similar to his invitations. (i love stickers!) Timothy is such a practical boy, his b-day wish list included; socks (camo, white and dark church) white t-shirts, fertilizer, clone blaster, air soft gun and PS3. he got everything but the PS3. lol

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