Monday, September 24, 2007

Time flies...

We just seem to be so busy this time of year but I found some pics i wanted to share. The first one is of Josh. I found this outfit at a resale store that is below Em's ortho's office. I need to NOT go in their every month!!! she has TONS of cute stuff. i couldn't pass up this outfit and 2 princess dresses for Sarah. (will have to get pics of her)

These next two are squares for a special order quilt i am working on. I cant wait to get sewing on it. the more i put together the better it looks. Hopefully i can work on it tonight. I requested off work tonight because i wrote an event on the wrong day. The event isn't today it is on Friday... good thing i am not scheduled on Friday!!

I also have an order for 14 pillow cases that i need to shop for. I am really excited about this order. She asked for me to embroider special sayings on them. this is for the same woman i did the these for.

The other day we had some deer in our front yard. normally we get them in the back yard but the dog was out and they came to the front. they ended up walking down the street. As many times as we have seen deer, i just cant figure out why they want to live in the city...I know i don't! ;o) Plus the park is near by, i would rather live in the park...if i were a deer. lol

Remember my friend Elaine from work? I haven't seen her much since she retired. She asked that we keep in touch. But i am so bad at being friends, i never remember to make contact, and i never heard from her. I found out recently that she has lung cancer. She does not smoke. Not sure what the survival rate is, but she is a fighter. I need to remember to send her a card. I have No excuse since all i have to do is go in my basement and find at least 100 cards... a ton of paper and too many stamp sets to number....
On the topic of being a bad friend, i am also a bad neighbor. I constantly feel guilty for not calling my neighbor. She loves to hear from us, the boys used to go over to visit but things are just so crazy and i am just lazy. i just never seem to think about it until it is too late in the day. Last week she had an ambulance come. We waited for almost an hour until I was able to talk to her sil. her sugar dropped (she's diabetic) and not sure what happens but the ambulance came and both her kids. i guess they pumped her with sugar (pop, candy, cookies..) until her blood sugar came up.
Well, on with my pity party...It is past lunch and i have to finish printing off class schedules so the kids can do.... "school!"

don't forget to check my web shots page for new items I am offering for sale!!! My office Mgr has been too busy to update my "official" website. so until then check here!!


Sniz said...

Where do you live that the deer were just standing in the street in broad daylight? We live close to Brown County, Indiana, and there are hundreds of deer there...huge herds in the yards, but always at night. Also, how old are your kids and do you homeschool? I'm sorry I don't know this. I've been reading your blog long enough, I should know!

debbie said...

We live in thecitywedontwanttolive lol that is what my profile says... we have a small patch of woods behind or house. We see deer a lot, but not normally walking down the street.