Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My blond teenager...

She's not really blond but she should be. This afternoon Patrick from ohdela called, He asked if I had received the 2nd set of disks he had sent out. The first set didn't work so he sent out a second set. He said they had been delivered on the 20th and the driver made a note that he had placed them by the side door. I had not seen them nor did anyone else. When i got off the phone with him i was telling Emily the details, she had a funny look on her face and recalled an event that happened several days ago. (6 to be exact!) She had thought the bad discs were haunting her. She had thrown them away several times and they had been taken out of the trash for various reasons. This time the discs were stuck under the side door and she threw them away once and for all!! lol we both had a good chuckle out of that one. Poor Patrick!!

Her second funny is...
our poor dog has very sensitive skin and is extremely allergic to fleas. This has been a bad year for fleas around here. Frontline would cost us $60 a pop because we have 1 dog and 3 cats and right now we cant afford that. I had gotten some skin so soft bath oil to put on the pets for fleas. Since i sell Avon i also have SSS shower gel, the SSS bath oil was sitting on the back of the toilet, right next to the dog shampoo. the other day Emily and Jacob gave rascal a bath and used the SSS like i told them. It was a good bath and they got a lot of fleas off him. but since then he hasn't been able to stop scratching. I had a spray bottle so we could put the SSS in the bottle and spray it on the pets. She asked if she needed to mix it with water. I told her no since it was an oil it wouldn't mix well. She gave me a funny look, but she does that a lot.... next i hear Jacob telling her she cant spray shower gel from a spray bottle!! I went to see what was going on and discovered that she had acutally used my shower gel to bathe the dog (it did say SSS, but it was pretty and purple) She thought i was nuts telling her to spray shower gel through a spray bottle...I am assuming the reason the dog cant stop scratching is because it was SSS fusions, part creamy and part exfoilant.
Sorry I'm not the best story teller. I normally leave story telling to dh and dd. Plus it doesn't help to have a 2yo whining at me either. Hope you got the funnies. :)


Emily said...

your daughter is sooooo weird

oh wait.


Marie N. said...

poor perfumed Rascal!

Toni said...

LOL! Too funny. Coming in from Miss Sniz's blog. I grew up in the greater Cleveland area (Elyria, west side). We lived in the country for seven years (Wellington, southwest of Cleveland) before moving to IN due to a job displacement. Loved the shots of the deer in your yard and I'm thinking you must be close to the Metroparks. Stop by my blog sometime.

Sniz said...

I got the funnies!! Throwing away the discs is precious, but the whole SSS thing sounds like something I would so. (And yes, I AM blonde.)

debbie said...

Hi Toni, thanks for stopping by. We do live a few miles from the metro park. We hear coyote sometimes too. makes us long for the country. :)
i have visited your blog. :) just never posted anything.