Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Argh...what a week!

Not many of the blogs I read have new posts, I suppose we are all teaching our students. How is your week going!? Our first week of school was a piece of cake! I can’t say that about the second week. I can’t seem to figure out how to juggle so many kids at once. Unfortunately Joshua will NOT take a nap all day like I want him too! (Perhaps I can try duct tape) I tried having Sarah play with him, but she starts playing dolls and forgets about him. So he comes looking for trouble. Tuesday I was in tears because 4 of the 5 were all demanding my attention at the same time, the next minute here comes child #5. The online school did some upgrades to the system, which means more frustrations. I have so much to do that i wander around doing anything but school.

did ya hear we are going to Vegas!? Not ever been there before so i don't know what to expect. Any one ever gone? Hopefully we can find some things for the kids and i to do while dh is at his conference. I hope the 11 acre pool is as great as it sounds...I am SO tempted to drive the extra 5 hours west to take the boys to Lego land. Any one in California!? or Nevada? Or on the way from Ohio to Nevada!? :o) Oh yeah, we are that should be a ton of fun!

With all the talk of new digital cameras around the house lately, i have decided i would like one of my own. My qualifications are much more rigid than Em's! First i found this cute little camera case. I told dh that my camera should fit in this case, cause it is so cute!

The other day i noticed an add in the paper for the perfect camera! I think it meets my requirements! What do you think!?

Emily (Mrs $bags) wont buy it for me...she said maybe they could get it for me for Christmas...


Me said...

11 acre pool!!!

I have thought about you even though I haven't been on here much. Is Sara old enough to watch Joshua play in the bathtub while you do something with the other kids? When Lyndi was smaller I put her in the tub and did school with Brooke in the hallway, LOL.

Presbytera said...

There is a MartinLooper right in Las Vegas and has young boys around Joshua's age.

I say take the hike to LegoLand. You will be almost there and hey what's five hours when you've come so far.

You're right -- busy with school this week and taking advantage of the hot weather and the pool at YiaYia's apartment complex.

Marie N. said...

I can't tell you anything about Vegas, but the drive will have some great points to it. And some boring ones (East Colorado is a big snooze). Utah is stunning. Plan extra time for stops to get some pictures more beautiful than the Grand Canyon.

We loved our drive.

debbie said...

I just may try the bath idea! Josh loves to play in the water. I often have Sarah watch him. She enjoys doing it too.
I did write Jenn, i haven't heard back from her yet. I am torn about the Lego land. i would *love* to take Jacob. it would take 2 days out of our trip and a lot of $$ if we all went. I wish we had more time to travel.
He must have read my mind or blog, since he cant stop asking if we can go to Lego land....
I asked if i could get my new camera before the trip! :o) I was told i could use Emily's old camera...I think the purple one would be so much more fun! ;o) hopefully the kids will enjoy the scenery more than

Marie N. said...

Hi Debbie,

Some other high points we enjoyed in the area are Hoover Dam, Calico Ghost Town (~2.5 hours away). For the drive there and back we enjoyed Frisco Historic Park in Frisco, CO.

We wanted to see the Glenwood Springs hot springs pool but missed it, same for Idaho Springs' Phoenix Gold Mine.

A big winner for us was the Fick Fossil and History Museum in Oakley, KS. The museum is child and camera friendly and inexpensive.