Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some updates :o)

I realize i don't have many readers...but does it confuse you when i post several posts in one day? It just seems on days like today i have more available time, so i write a post and then remember something else, and something
The kids wanted to watch a movie, so i said sure,go ahead! Guess what they are watching!
The Phantom of the Opera!! a 5yo, 7yo and 12yo. Gotta love homeschooling!
I have a few updates that may be of interest. If you haven't heard yet, dh got a new job! :o) We are all excited. The pay wasn't as much as he had hoped for so i will not be quiting my job quite yet. Once he starts and we see how that goes we can decide better then.
My customer came in and showed me her rugs! they were so pretty! i cant even begin to describe them. they are made on latch hook canvas and somehow she weaves 1.5 inch strips of fabric on that to make a design. She also told me that she called Corporate on me! Only this was a good call, not bad. :o)
We have a busy weekend coming up! Friday is a back to school picnic at Clays Park .
Daughtry will be there on "SATURDAY!" :o/ I was teasing Emily that perhaps we will see Chris swimming on Friday. :o)
Saturday is Joshua's 2nd birthday, but we are going to another picnic. It will be nice to see all the friends we haven't gotten to see in a long time! Finally Sunday we will celebrate Joshua's birthday with family.
I have been working on a few sewing projects. I need to post Timmy in his Browns shorts. He decided he is a big Browns fan In between i have been working on Sarah's quilt. I took a break from that to work on a baby quilt. I went a little overboard so i have enough squares to make *2* quilts! :o) Cant wait to show you! But you have to wait!!


Homemaker said...

That's how I do it too. I get some time and I post a bunch. Sometimes I think about getting rid of my blog because I don't have alot of time to sit and write much of anything so it ends up being either silly or about our life but then the ppl who read it are the ones who want to know that stuff. I love your blog. Sounds like busy times coming your way. Our lives are settling down just a bit after a very, very busy but fun summer.

Homemaker said...

Oh and I can't keep up with loopers either. Do you read those? I want to but just can't get it in most of the time. Let alone post to it!

debbie said...

We are always busy...or so it seems. lol I too think about getting rid of my blog. but i never do...cant decide. lol

I can never keep up with Loopers! When it gets to the point when i am deleting *everything* i unsub. I am about to that point now. I get very intimidated by them! lol I feel inferior to most of them. My life is mostly chaos. I always felt i was a failure at HS'ing. Plus the cost of books was killing us! This past Jan we choose to join a state funded distance learning public charter school. They supply *everything* (computers, books, supplies, field trips, teachers and gift cards for supplies!) :o) I am a follower. I can do what someone tells me to do. It was hard doing it on my own all those years. Some would say i am NOT a home schooler, but oh well....

Homemaker said...

lol, I know what you mean. I feel intimidated too. I have been known to a question or two offlist but never on. It certainly isn't lack of interest though :)

I read that, when you joined the charter school and I am glad that is working for you guys! We all just need to do what works best for us individually. You are doing great!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

You really shouldn't feel inferior, Deb. You have your own strengths, just like everyone. Sometimes, I feel on the "outside" because I don't want to farm, or do canning, and I don't have a large family. But all I can be is myself. My blog is an expression of that, and your blog is an expression of you. Don't delete it!

And I'm happy about the change of employment. :)