Monday, August 27, 2007

my busy, but not so busy week :o)

I had a lot of free time last week. I only worked 2 nights. Monday and Saturday! I was able to work on some sewing projects. I am very happy with how these quilts came out! The lighthouse quilt I made for my cousin. she ordered it for a Christmas gift for her sil. the baby quilt I made 2 of. When finished one will be put up for sale, one is for a gift. All three quilts still need to be backed and finished off. the baby quilts will have a bright pink binding to pull it all together.

It was really nice to NOT have to work all week! I really didn't want to go in on Saturday! I am not sure really what is going on with my schedule, but i am liking it! lol (the paycheck will be a different story...) it is kinda funny that i predicted my hours to be cut again. You see, A co-worker asked me if i could change days with her. She needed a day off to attend a funeral. It so happened that the change gave me 3 weekends off in a row. I mentioned that to her and warned her our boss would have a problem with that! Our boss told her that she was "pushing it!" and wanted to tell her "NO" but allowed the change. The next 2 schedules i was only scheduled 2 nights each, the third week i have 3 nights. Which helped me more than my boss could imagine! I had wanted to ask for a light schedule because of school starting, now i don't have to! lol In asking it would have put me farther up on "the list"
So anyway, on to the good stuff...I have always put off baby's first haircuts. I hate loosing the "baby" but it was time for Joshua to get his hair cut... :o(
Here he is before:

And this is the after!
He looks so cute! :o) Dh and i were both surprised he sat still for so long! AND he didn't even scream! That is what i dreaded second most. Another thing i was afraid of was that when his brother got his hair cut, he would always be really, really bad for several weeks after. We never could figure out why. Joshua is so bad now, i couldn't imagine him acting worse! It has been almost 3 days and he is still his same rambunctious little self. He has however has become a mamma's boy. He is always wanting me to hold him and he is full of hugs and kisses! :o)

Most of you read dh's bolg and you read about his last day of work. I had my paparazzi doing some undercover work Friday and she got this great photo! ;o)
So this is what you do all day at work!? i wish i knew how to add some ZZzzzz's to the pix! ;o)

Today was the first day of (chaos) I hadn't even showered yet and Sarah was begging to begin school! I hurried up and showered and we attempted to get things going. I also started to panic thinking i had 4 kids in school and an extremely rambunctious 2 yo to boot. Emily the smart one, goes to her room and closes the door to the rest of the world. that leaves me to juggle 4 kids alone. I told Jacob (who is distracted at anything) that he needed to be more responsible this year. Timothy and Sarah would have to practice patience. Problems with an online school, you have 100's perhaps 1,000 of people trying to log onto the system at once! Needless to say there has been many problems with the system. The kids (mine and others) have been complaining. I told mine (and they could tell the others) to relax! It will be fixed and everything will be alright! I need to reconsider our schedule. Tim and Sarah need to much of my time. I think I am going to try to have school with Sarah after Joshua goes down for his nap. I just need to figure out what she can do all morning.....

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Your quilts are beautiful!