Friday, August 03, 2007

Look at what i have done!! :o)

Last year our neighbor gave us these great chairs. She told me she has had them for a really long time. They are solid "wood" and in good condition. They were covered in black vinyl, with 7 of us using them, they have really taken a beating. Plus the vinyl was old and starting to dry out. With my connections and on the job training, i decided to re cover the chairs. This is before;
And this is after!

The "do not remove this tag" on the bottom of the chair has a date if 1929. I do not know if that was when the chairs were made or what....
As soon as i get more staples, i will finish the other chairs and a nice coat of Scotch guard to boot!!

Another thing i have been working on is finishing up my tote bags! I have 3 finished, they will be up for sale on my website $30 each. (#3 is already sold) :o)

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