Friday, August 10, 2007

Deadlines always help...

Considering we have a birthday next week, a quickly approaching deadline always inspires one to "get on the ball". Seeing as I have enough supplies to make everyone in the state of Ohio a card I make our birthday invitations instead of buying them. I am however, on a deadline. So i sometimes use stickers, they are so quick and fun! Here are a few party invites i made for Joshua's birthday. My plan was to have "you're invited" look like it was written in the clouds.

Envelopes are so fun to decorate. I love getting fun things in the mail, so i try to remember to send fun things..
Unfortunately (unless you are family) they only people that are going to receive these cards are family. With finances being so tight and not to mention tight quarters. We have decided to only invite family to the party. ..Sorry to everyone else :o( I hope you will understand! We will see many of you on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Since i am posting cards today, i found one of Sarah's 5th b-day party invites. It was extra since the family it was intended for was out of town. I let her choose what she wanted for her cards. She choose cloud paper and fairies. All i did was cut the paper and she did the rest. Card making is so easy a 5 yo can do it! :o) I think she did a good job! Too bad those thank you cards never got made! I hope she said "Thank You" to everyone at her party to make up for it! :o)

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