Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bug Fest and other things....

Saturday was Bug Fest at our local Metro Park. Emily is a registered volunteer at the park (same park as the American Girl camp) and decided to volunteer for BF. I dropped her off in the morning and later that afternoon Sarah and I went back to walk around. (no one else wanted to go...) This is what we found Emily doing when we walked up. lol It was her job to staple headbands together after the kids were done coloring them.

Sarah wanted to make a head band, and Emily was telling me about her day. She looked rather bored if you ask me! ;o)
This was the highlight of Sarah's day! All she wanted to do was to get her picture taken as a butterfly and a flower. She is one cute butterfly!
She makes a cute flower too! :o)

Here she is at home showing off her headband.

Oh, why hello Orlando! Thanks for stopping by! :o)

Kinda like my flower garden, weeds grow the best. I have a bird feeder that mostly attract ugly birds. lol for some reason hanging by the bird feeder was a hook wrapped with a red pipe cleaner. (sounds like a boy thing) I had noticed a little hummingbird checking it out. So i went out and purchased a cheep feeder and attached it to the pipe cleaner. Within a few days we had regular visitors to my feeder. We have been enjoying watching them. A pair, one seems brighter than the other so i assume they are mates.

Yesterday the kids were playing Lego's. they were so involved in their playing that no one noticed anything odd going on. It wasn't until i snapped the photo that i was questioned.



Melzie said...

hahaha this made me lol :) Youve got a streaker! xoxo melzie

debbie said...

He is full of energy! lol! always coming up with new ways to surprise us. lol