Thursday, August 30, 2007

New pictures

Timothy took this picture. I thought it was neat so i wanted to share it. :o)

I made two more purses. They both have a lining and a center zippered pocket. Eventually they will be on my website for sale. :o)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A cut above, chicken

Ok! so not the best title, but I couldn't think of anything better. The other day at work i received two "A cut above" awards. (only one pictured because the other was broken) One would receive "a cut above" pin when a customer fills out a comment card or calls corporate after receiving good customer service from an employee. Sometimes it is hard to get them because customers cant just pick up a comment card. They must happen to mention it to the person that know about the cards....I feel funny about telling customers that are extremely happy with the service i gave them to ask for a card. I received mine from the lady i had helped that makes the rugs and the woman that was making a Generational quilt
So, if you ever receive good customer service ask for a comment card. Sometimes those poor employees need a boost of confidence! :o)

Last night i took a class at a semi-local quilt shop! It was a lot of fun. We made these Norwegian Chicken pin cushions. lol I think i will add making more to my "things to do" list.....
Sarah wanted her picture taken with the chicken. :o)
Hope dh will be happy, we have our first chicken! ;o)

Monday, August 27, 2007

my busy, but not so busy week :o)

I had a lot of free time last week. I only worked 2 nights. Monday and Saturday! I was able to work on some sewing projects. I am very happy with how these quilts came out! The lighthouse quilt I made for my cousin. she ordered it for a Christmas gift for her sil. the baby quilt I made 2 of. When finished one will be put up for sale, one is for a gift. All three quilts still need to be backed and finished off. the baby quilts will have a bright pink binding to pull it all together.

It was really nice to NOT have to work all week! I really didn't want to go in on Saturday! I am not sure really what is going on with my schedule, but i am liking it! lol (the paycheck will be a different story...) it is kinda funny that i predicted my hours to be cut again. You see, A co-worker asked me if i could change days with her. She needed a day off to attend a funeral. It so happened that the change gave me 3 weekends off in a row. I mentioned that to her and warned her our boss would have a problem with that! Our boss told her that she was "pushing it!" and wanted to tell her "NO" but allowed the change. The next 2 schedules i was only scheduled 2 nights each, the third week i have 3 nights. Which helped me more than my boss could imagine! I had wanted to ask for a light schedule because of school starting, now i don't have to! lol In asking it would have put me farther up on "the list"
So anyway, on to the good stuff...I have always put off baby's first haircuts. I hate loosing the "baby" but it was time for Joshua to get his hair cut... :o(
Here he is before:

And this is the after!
He looks so cute! :o) Dh and i were both surprised he sat still for so long! AND he didn't even scream! That is what i dreaded second most. Another thing i was afraid of was that when his brother got his hair cut, he would always be really, really bad for several weeks after. We never could figure out why. Joshua is so bad now, i couldn't imagine him acting worse! It has been almost 3 days and he is still his same rambunctious little self. He has however has become a mamma's boy. He is always wanting me to hold him and he is full of hugs and kisses! :o)

Most of you read dh's bolg and you read about his last day of work. I had my paparazzi doing some undercover work Friday and she got this great photo! ;o)
So this is what you do all day at work!? i wish i knew how to add some ZZzzzz's to the pix! ;o)

Today was the first day of (chaos) I hadn't even showered yet and Sarah was begging to begin school! I hurried up and showered and we attempted to get things going. I also started to panic thinking i had 4 kids in school and an extremely rambunctious 2 yo to boot. Emily the smart one, goes to her room and closes the door to the rest of the world. that leaves me to juggle 4 kids alone. I told Jacob (who is distracted at anything) that he needed to be more responsible this year. Timothy and Sarah would have to practice patience. Problems with an online school, you have 100's perhaps 1,000 of people trying to log onto the system at once! Needless to say there has been many problems with the system. The kids (mine and others) have been complaining. I told mine (and they could tell the others) to relax! It will be fixed and everything will be alright! I need to reconsider our schedule. Tim and Sarah need to much of my time. I think I am going to try to have school with Sarah after Joshua goes down for his nap. I just need to figure out what she can do all morning.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How would you like to have one of these cuties!?

These bags are currently the hottest thing! They're made from durable fabric, some ribbon, handles, and this is the result. They measure approx 15 x 11. They are SO fun! Everyone will comment on how cute your bag is!

Currently there is only ONE way to get one, and that is by entering my contest!
In attempt to get my sewing business going. I am having a contest. To enter you need to comment on this post with your name and blog address. Then write a post about my blog/ website mentioning the contest

On September 15th I will draw one name, the winner will get to choose which bag they would like to have! One entry per person. Good Luck!

More "Stuff"....

but, this "stuff" is a welcomed sight....Three days and counting until dh's last day at his old job! :o)
This is his blow up couch...wonder where that is gonna go?

And this is his first box of personal belongings to come home...
His boss scheduled a farewell party Friday at 3:30. lol Guess he wanted to make sure dh stayed the entire day! *3* more days!! ;o)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Finally... Joshua's party

We ended our busy weekend with Joshua's (exclusive) birthday party. For family Only! Unfortunately we were unable to invite friends, but we just don't have the space for everyone, perhaps one day we will.... I had planned to have the party outside, but it rained the entire day.
So we were all crowded into our small house.

There were presents....

Sharing cheese curls with a cousin
and one sleepy dog.....

Another busy day...

Saturday was a picnic at a friends farm in Mid-Ohio. Joshua had another fun day! He got to run in the field with the sheep, and he played the entire day! He had fun playing in the sandbox (big surprise!) and insisted on dumping the sand in the grass.

Here are some of his sheep friends. He thought they were puppies. lol
He played with chickens, they thought he was
and a farm trip wouldn't be complete without horse pictures. The neighbors were kind enough to let Emily take a peek at them.
Guess the other kids were too busy playing, since we didn't get any pictures of them! And all slept well that night...... :o)

The Best Birthday Ever!

Friday was Joshua's 2nd birthday! We had a back to school picnic at Clays Park to attend. Joshua had such a good time! If he could have understood it was his b-day, it would have been said the BEST ever!!

He played in the sand...
he sat in the water....
He jumped in the water....
He rolled in the water....

He played in the sand some more... He destroyed his sibblings sandcastles...
and when his siblings couldnt produce quick enough he destroyed other kids sandcastles...
He slept real good that night! :o)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some updates :o)

I realize i don't have many readers...but does it confuse you when i post several posts in one day? It just seems on days like today i have more available time, so i write a post and then remember something else, and something
The kids wanted to watch a movie, so i said sure,go ahead! Guess what they are watching!
The Phantom of the Opera!! a 5yo, 7yo and 12yo. Gotta love homeschooling!
I have a few updates that may be of interest. If you haven't heard yet, dh got a new job! :o) We are all excited. The pay wasn't as much as he had hoped for so i will not be quiting my job quite yet. Once he starts and we see how that goes we can decide better then.
My customer came in and showed me her rugs! they were so pretty! i cant even begin to describe them. they are made on latch hook canvas and somehow she weaves 1.5 inch strips of fabric on that to make a design. She also told me that she called Corporate on me! Only this was a good call, not bad. :o)
We have a busy weekend coming up! Friday is a back to school picnic at Clays Park .
Daughtry will be there on "SATURDAY!" :o/ I was teasing Emily that perhaps we will see Chris swimming on Friday. :o)
Saturday is Joshua's 2nd birthday, but we are going to another picnic. It will be nice to see all the friends we haven't gotten to see in a long time! Finally Sunday we will celebrate Joshua's birthday with family.
I have been working on a few sewing projects. I need to post Timmy in his Browns shorts. He decided he is a big Browns fan In between i have been working on Sarah's quilt. I took a break from that to work on a baby quilt. I went a little overboard so i have enough squares to make *2* quilts! :o) Cant wait to show you! But you have to wait!!

Bug Fest and other things....

Saturday was Bug Fest at our local Metro Park. Emily is a registered volunteer at the park (same park as the American Girl camp) and decided to volunteer for BF. I dropped her off in the morning and later that afternoon Sarah and I went back to walk around. (no one else wanted to go...) This is what we found Emily doing when we walked up. lol It was her job to staple headbands together after the kids were done coloring them.

Sarah wanted to make a head band, and Emily was telling me about her day. She looked rather bored if you ask me! ;o)
This was the highlight of Sarah's day! All she wanted to do was to get her picture taken as a butterfly and a flower. She is one cute butterfly!
She makes a cute flower too! :o)

Here she is at home showing off her headband.

Oh, why hello Orlando! Thanks for stopping by! :o)

Kinda like my flower garden, weeds grow the best. I have a bird feeder that mostly attract ugly birds. lol for some reason hanging by the bird feeder was a hook wrapped with a red pipe cleaner. (sounds like a boy thing) I had noticed a little hummingbird checking it out. So i went out and purchased a cheep feeder and attached it to the pipe cleaner. Within a few days we had regular visitors to my feeder. We have been enjoying watching them. A pair, one seems brighter than the other so i assume they are mates.

Yesterday the kids were playing Lego's. they were so involved in their playing that no one noticed anything odd going on. It wasn't until i snapped the photo that i was questioned.


Got tissue....

No, we don't....So a pesky 2yo (in 3 days) decided to use toilet paper!

Too bad that was the last roll!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Nice people of the world...

and be kind to your retail sales people! lol :o) working in retail I deal with a lot of unkind customers. Most of the time there are so many unkind people i forget about the kind people. This past week i worked a lot of hours and dealt with all sorts of people...This week was opposite of a normal week seeing as the kind people made a bigger impact on my overall week. A few that stand out in my mind are...

Customer 1, a woman that is making fabric rugs to sell at craft shows. I cant figure out what she is explaining to me, but i have gotten good at pretending to know what people are talking about. lol This was the 2nd time i have helped her and this time she told me about the first time she was in the store and had a bad experience, when she asked to speak to the Mgr she was surprised the Mgr was the one that caused her to have the bad experience! She refused to name names, but i guessed who it was. she was shocked! lol She told me how much she appreciated all the help i gave her and that i was very nice to her. Because of me she has changed her mind about how she feels about the store. She said she was going to write a letter to Corporate and tell them too. :o) She also promised to bring in one of her rugs to show me! :o) I cant wait! I would love to see one so i can finally understand! ;o)

Customer 2, a guy that looks like he would be more comfortable in a Harley store. I was helping him and his wife, he was making corn hole games and couldn't believe my knowledge of the game! Honestly i have never EVER played or ever SEEN the game before in my life! but we sell so much of the fabric i am almost an expert. lol yesterday i was helping another customer when i heard someone say "Hey Deb!!" When i looked up it was him. He had a huge smile on his face.

Customer 3, When i was called by the mod to assist a customer with a quilting question, i have to admit i was rather intimidated. I didn't have enough faith in my knowledge to be able to be referred to as "the quilting expert!" She was excited to tell me about her quilt. She is finishing up a Generational quilt for her mothers 80th birthday. Each block represents a family. The quilt was already assembled so she was stuck with what she should do with the last three blocks since the back was already on. She was going on and on about this quilt i was unsure of what the final question/problem would be. Finally she said she wished we had something she could iron on the quilt block to finish it off...I said "we just happen to have something you could iron on!" :o) I showed her where the iron on stuff was, she was SO excited! All she had to do was create the image on her computer, print it off on the special paper and iron it on the quilt block! I made her day so much that she asked if she could hug me. Floating on air she went off to pay for her treasure. Later the mod told me that she had so many nice things to say about me and that she was more that happy to fill out a comment card to share her story with the higher up's.
Let's hope tonight goes just as well.....

A blast from the past...

All this talk about Mark Wahlberg makes me think of New Kids on the Block! Although Mark wasn't in the band long, in my mind i still associate them together. His brother Donny was in the band, Mark didn't like the 'squeaky clean' image of the boy band of the 80's/90's, sohe went out on his own to be a rapper. Being the bad boy he was back then he also did some time in jail. He also did some modeling for Calvin Kline. (remember that!?) After cleaning up his image he began acting and appeared in numerous films. I also learned that Mark was a scheduled passenger on one of the 9-11 flights, he changed his mind last minute and didn't get on the flight...I leave you in closing with a blast from the past......

Friday, August 10, 2007

Out with the old, in with the new...

Can you tell i don't have to work today!?

Since i am on a roll, i thought i would post pictures of our new(used) Oven! :o) Friends of ours moved and couldn't take their appliances with them so they offered them to us. Our original oven was ancient, it came with the house. It was old 11 years ago...It is nice to see it sitting outside waiting for trash day! I am really big on donating items instead of throwing them away, but this oven *needs* to be thrown away! it is not even worth donating. Here it is waiting...and this is the new one. A little elbow grease and it is good as new! :o)

Deadlines always help...

Considering we have a birthday next week, a quickly approaching deadline always inspires one to "get on the ball". Seeing as I have enough supplies to make everyone in the state of Ohio a card I make our birthday invitations instead of buying them. I am however, on a deadline. So i sometimes use stickers, they are so quick and fun! Here are a few party invites i made for Joshua's birthday. My plan was to have "you're invited" look like it was written in the clouds.

Envelopes are so fun to decorate. I love getting fun things in the mail, so i try to remember to send fun things..
Unfortunately (unless you are family) they only people that are going to receive these cards are family. With finances being so tight and not to mention tight quarters. We have decided to only invite family to the party. ..Sorry to everyone else :o( I hope you will understand! We will see many of you on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Since i am posting cards today, i found one of Sarah's 5th b-day party invites. It was extra since the family it was intended for was out of town. I let her choose what she wanted for her cards. She choose cloud paper and fairies. All i did was cut the paper and she did the rest. Card making is so easy a 5 yo can do it! :o) I think she did a good job! Too bad those thank you cards never got made! I hope she said "Thank You" to everyone at her party to make up for it! :o)