Friday, July 06, 2007

Our Busy week. :o)

Dh and Jake are at boy scout camp this week. Whenever that happens, the remaining children expect carnivals and pony rides! ;o) lol We Have been so busy this week, I cant wait for next week when all is (sorta) back to normal. Some of the things we did this week include, but not limited too....trip to Joann's. (lol) Timmy had day camp at the park 3 days. He had so much fun! it was good for him to have his chance to be away. And he was happy to see me each day i picked him up! :o) I worked 2 nights. We went to a parade that lasted 77 minutes, and boy did the kids get a lot of candy! It was fun and we didn't even realize we were their that long. I got my hair cut..unfortunately dh took the camera so i don't have before and after shots, but she took a good 5-6 inches off and added layers. We went to see fireworks, they were really good and Joshua loved them! lol I wasn't sure what he was going to think. When Timmy was smaller he was afraid of them! Wednesday we had a mini picnic with in-laws and then went to family night at BS camp. We got home just in time to swing by the Walmart parking lot to watch incredible fireworks. it seems that about 50 other people had the same great idea that i did. from the corner of Walmart's parking lot we could see about 15 or so cities fireworks displays! Really cool! I took a class through Viking, we made purses out of place mats! as soon a i get a pic i will have to post it, it is really cool. Went to steak and shake for dinner one night, i promised the kids! (I got out of taking them to the movie theater!) ;o) Hmm...what else!? Cant think of anything else right now....Emily is babysitting and the younger ones are waiting to go for a walk. Better go! :o)

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