Friday, July 27, 2007

One busy boy...

Last week was the annual "Not made in the Shade" picnic. this busy little boy had such a good time! (all the kids had a good time!) He played so hard, i don't know what he was energized by because he didn't have time to eat, he was too busy playing.
First with bubbles (his favorite!)

Then he discovered a water gun and a tub of water!

The next day was church, after church he was so exhausted he couldn't sleep and kept climbing out of his crib. These next pictures are of him at dinner time. Unfortunately i was at work and didn't get to see it all happen, but i hear it was quite funny!

Needless to say....he slept good that night and slept in the next day! :o)

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Marie N. said...

Those falling sleep while eating photos are the best! I'm glad you all had fun!