Monday, July 23, 2007

My long week!

My original work schedule was pretty normal this week. (mon, wed & fri) On Tuesday I was invited to a card party. Even though i was tired I decided to attend. it had been a long since i have made any cards and it turned out to be a lot of fun. There were about 7 ladies that attended. We were to bring a card and the supplies for each person to make our card. Then we moved around the table making each others cards.
Thursday I got called into work, so i ended up being gone every night last week! I wasn't able to take Em to the HP event, but luckily my sister invited her to go with them. Saturday we attended a picnic at a friends house. The kids were so excited all week, counting down the days till the picnic! Fun was had by all! :o) Sunday i had to work again, and we needed to cut out of church early for me to get their on time. turns out that one lady didn't show, so it was only two of us the entire day! It was the first day of a big sale so it was *really* busy, we were both exhausted by the middle of the shift!
Being lazy today! i need to run out sometime today, but other than that i was gonna snitch dd's new HP book and read all day! :o) Unfortunately, i could only find the empty book cover! :o/

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