Thursday, July 12, 2007

The moment you all have been waiting for!

Ok, so maybe you haven't....(you have to read on...)

Last year i took a quilting class and rediscovered my love of sewing. With quilting you take perfectly good fabric and cut it into pieces, then sew them back together. I would rather do that than mess with patterns, pinning and cutting. Plus with little hands grabbing and pulling on things or wanting to "help" it is more enjoyable to have a stack of squares just out of reach of little hands. Unlike with patterns, fabric and pins laid out over the table. Over the past year, i have been able to finish several projects that we gave as gifts. You can see some of them by clicking on My Web shots Page it is also listed in my links on the right.
Having a large family living on one income, finds us living from paycheck to paycheck. That is part of the reason i got a part time job last year. It works out that my paydays are opposite of dh's. So that off week, we get a little breather from my paychecks. Lately with auto repairs, vet bills and Orthodontist bills, we are finding our budget is shot. That is how the sewing business idea got started. I figured i could sell my items to help us out financially. I enjoy doing it and if it goes well, i can quit my part time job and sew instead.
Dh has been working very hard on the website! He designed the whole thing and wrote all the descriptions. My part was easy, sew some stuff and take some pictures! lol I would love for you to take a look and tell us what you think! I have one quilt for sale and several pillow cases. The kids enjoyed their pillowcases so much i decided to make more! I (still) have a few purses in progress, and some quilts that i am working on and some in the planning stage. As soon as i get anything finished we will be listing them. So check back often!
So, please take a look, send us any feed back (good or bad!) and please share my website with everyone you know! :o)
So finally....MY WEBSITE

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