Friday, July 06, 2007

Feelin' old and other late night ramblings.....

When dh is away i don't sleep much. I find it easier to stay up than to lay in bed awake. I was working on a new sewing project when i decided to take a break and ramble. lol
I am feeling old! lol Not only did my nieces graduation make me remember that i graduated
"20" yrs ago.....My oldest baby got her first "real" job! AND! she will be making more money than me! Next she will be driving. :o~ Not sure when the first boyfriend comes into the picture. I think we are pretty safe since most of her friends are online. Which makes me often think.... We are (to an extent) home all the time. We don't have many outside activities other than my Pt job and Jacob's scouts. Dd doesn't have many opportunities to interact with kids her age. I called her Rapunzel the other day. lol (better than Cinderella!) ;o) Is it fair that she doesn't have many real, "in person" friends? As a mom, it is another one of those things that I can beat myself up over. I feel bad that she is cooped up with her siblings all day. I feel bad that normally i am too tired to take her places. (like to the barn 45 min away, with 4 siblings in tow) I don't feel bad that i refuse to send her to ps! Home is the best place for her. Plus i feel better about her education now that we have switched to Ohdela. She can be challenged and grow, where before i couldn't offer her that.
Since i have been off work most of the week and we have gotten out more this week than normal, i have noticed that there IS a world outside of our house! strange isn't it!? The other day when we were out for a walk, dd didn't notice because she was walking a naughty puppy, but some boys drove by and the one was hanging out the window looking at her. lol I got to thinking about when i was her age. I had friends, we did things like shopping, movies, sleep overs and teenage girl stuff like playing with make-up, prank phone calls (gg) and talking about boys. Will she be damaged for life!? lol She has 2 girl friends from church that she occasionally sees other than at church. With such a small house and so many people we don't normally have friends over.
I met a lady at Joann's one day, she was a customer that i was helping. It turns out that she lives a few streets down from us and she home schools her children. she has two teen age girls. We have seen them in the past riding bikes by our house. I always thought the one looked like dd. I have not seen them so far this summer. the mom said we should say hi to them next time we see them. Of course dd doesn't think that is a good idea, she would be too embarrassed. lol I had asked the mom if we could exchange phone numbers, she didn't seem up to that....I know exactly where they live, but it is hard to just walk up to someones house and introduce yourself. where has all this gotten me? No where i :o)
Off to bed....


Melynda Hoffman said...

My husband and I get terrible sleep when we are apart as well.

How can you feel old when you still have some really little ones? :) I think a chunk of the reason I am pining away for another one is because with mine getting older I feel old. (Of course those aren't the only reasons! :))

Tell your daughter we said way to go on getting the job! My first job (besides sitting) was in a Ponderosa Steakhouse, lol.

debbie said...

well, Yes i do have some little ones. Well the youngest will be 2 in a few weeks, then Sarah is 5. (Tim 7, Jake 12 and Emily 15) so some are more older than younger. lol Any way you look at it we are out numbered! lol
i will pass along the well wishes to Emily. the woman faxed her work permit to her today...only we were out of ink! oops! so it was an invisible work permit! ;o)

Melynda Hoffman said...