Monday, July 30, 2007

He is Good!!

Snape is really a good guy! lol
Cant say any more, dd who works too much and spends too much time at her computer hasn't finished the book yet....she said it is her way of making it last longer!

Friday, July 27, 2007

big trouble....

This is what happens when a certain brother leaves his laptop out, and a certain little brother finds it and is quiet as a mouse.....

That pile of mess is about 3/4 of the keys and clips. He popped them all off...Needless to say, big brother needed a "time out" to calm himself down. Being locked in the bedroom was a welcomed time out....

One busy boy...

Last week was the annual "Not made in the Shade" picnic. this busy little boy had such a good time! (all the kids had a good time!) He played so hard, i don't know what he was energized by because he didn't have time to eat, he was too busy playing.
First with bubbles (his favorite!)

Then he discovered a water gun and a tub of water!

The next day was church, after church he was so exhausted he couldn't sleep and kept climbing out of his crib. These next pictures are of him at dinner time. Unfortunately i was at work and didn't get to see it all happen, but i hear it was quite funny!

Needless to say....he slept good that night and slept in the next day! :o)

Easter in July....?

No...But Timmy and Sarah did have fun coloring eggs in July.
After a near accident just after Easter this year, When Sarah thought ALL eggs in the refrigerator were hard boiled.....I came up with a brilliant idea! throughout the year we could boil eggs and color them! that way everyone could tell if the eggs were boiled or not. :o) After Easter i purchased a few egg dye kits for .25 each. We do it on a smaller scale by only using 3 colors each time. Less fuss, less mess...Here are the kids enjoying the fruits of their labors...(and my dinner in the background...since i have to eat and run on work nights...) :o/

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Unfair treatment!!

It is just not fair!!! I know life is not always fair, you would think your own flesh and blood wouldn't treat you like this. I am talking about my first born child. She was the perfect baby, perfect toddler....never been much trouble, UNTIL now!!! All week she has gone off to work and has left behind her HP book for me to read. Last night i mentioned that I had past her bookmark....she laughed and said she was going to start taking her book to work so she can read it before me! Between work and school, she doesn't have time to read the book!!!
Besides, *I* was the one that made a big deal so dad would stop at the store for her to buy the book, and *I* stood in line for 15 min to ask if they had anymore of the house bands for her! *I* was the one that arranged for her to see the movie this week! And she treats me like a house elf.....*I* am the one doing her chores while she is gone.....KIDS!!!
And I was just getting to a good part too.....
I have a feeling she is gonna be so busy tonight with chores, she wont have time to read.. ;o)

Monday, July 23, 2007

My long week!

My original work schedule was pretty normal this week. (mon, wed & fri) On Tuesday I was invited to a card party. Even though i was tired I decided to attend. it had been a long since i have made any cards and it turned out to be a lot of fun. There were about 7 ladies that attended. We were to bring a card and the supplies for each person to make our card. Then we moved around the table making each others cards.
Thursday I got called into work, so i ended up being gone every night last week! I wasn't able to take Em to the HP event, but luckily my sister invited her to go with them. Saturday we attended a picnic at a friends house. The kids were so excited all week, counting down the days till the picnic! Fun was had by all! :o) Sunday i had to work again, and we needed to cut out of church early for me to get their on time. turns out that one lady didn't show, so it was only two of us the entire day! It was the first day of a big sale so it was *really* busy, we were both exhausted by the middle of the shift!
Being lazy today! i need to run out sometime today, but other than that i was gonna snitch dd's new HP book and read all day! :o) Unfortunately, i could only find the empty book cover! :o/

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our new student!

Sarah is enrolled in school and received her new computer this week! First thing she had daddy do was put a princess wallpaper on it! That IS the most important thing right!? so now we have more computers than i can keep track of! Of course with the school program we didn't have to pay for it! :o) The boys are WAY jealous of her new laptop! Oh well....

Friday, July 13, 2007

Cleaning house! :o)

Well, sorta! lol I have acquired way too much Avon and stamp sets along my path in both businesses. I have decided to part with many of these items. I have posted these items on my Web shots page. I have the Avon stuff in one album and Stampin' Up stuff will be in another. There are several pictures in the album, you can click on the photo to see the description and price. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of these items. :o)

It seemed like it was just yesterday....

It was your first day of Kindergarten.....

One blink and you are off to your first job....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The moment you all have been waiting for!

Ok, so maybe you haven't....(you have to read on...)

Last year i took a quilting class and rediscovered my love of sewing. With quilting you take perfectly good fabric and cut it into pieces, then sew them back together. I would rather do that than mess with patterns, pinning and cutting. Plus with little hands grabbing and pulling on things or wanting to "help" it is more enjoyable to have a stack of squares just out of reach of little hands. Unlike with patterns, fabric and pins laid out over the table. Over the past year, i have been able to finish several projects that we gave as gifts. You can see some of them by clicking on My Web shots Page it is also listed in my links on the right.
Having a large family living on one income, finds us living from paycheck to paycheck. That is part of the reason i got a part time job last year. It works out that my paydays are opposite of dh's. So that off week, we get a little breather from my paychecks. Lately with auto repairs, vet bills and Orthodontist bills, we are finding our budget is shot. That is how the sewing business idea got started. I figured i could sell my items to help us out financially. I enjoy doing it and if it goes well, i can quit my part time job and sew instead.
Dh has been working very hard on the website! He designed the whole thing and wrote all the descriptions. My part was easy, sew some stuff and take some pictures! lol I would love for you to take a look and tell us what you think! I have one quilt for sale and several pillow cases. The kids enjoyed their pillowcases so much i decided to make more! I (still) have a few purses in progress, and some quilts that i am working on and some in the planning stage. As soon as i get anything finished we will be listing them. So check back often!
So, please take a look, send us any feed back (good or bad!) and please share my website with everyone you know! :o)
So finally....MY WEBSITE

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Catchy Song..

Thanks to Emily, the kids have forgotten the McD's rap song and have moved onto something new! With so many kids in the house they each take a part in the song. lol
Check this one out!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ice Cream!! Get your ice cream!!

Over the weekend Garfield had their CityFest. I had read that they were having an ice cream eating contest sponsored by Handels! :o') The kids all jumped at the chance to have "free" ice cream!! The kids were excited all week, looking forward to the contest. Timothy counted down the days. finally the day arrived....
Timothy and Sarah were in the same age group they had to eat 2 Handel pops. Timothy won! he is so funny! He is so laid back, and "whatever!" i asked him what he was thinking during the contest. He said "I was thinking i wish i could tell dad to be quiet!" LOL I guess he couldn't hear Jake and i cheering him on from the other side!

Jacob's group had to eat 3 Handel pops! At one point dad yelled at Jacob to quit reading the package and EAT!!!!! I hear he actually won, but they gave it to the girl next to him so they could have a "girl" winner. Plus his little bother had just won the round before him...

Emily's age group had to eat 4 Handel pops!! She did really well considering the size of her competition! We all thought she was going to win, it was really close but the guy in the white tank was just a few seconds quicker. I hear the chocolate coating on the Handel pops gets quite chewy. :o)

Here is timothy getting his prize! Notice the huge guy in the back! how won for his group, no suprise there! lol! the prize was kinda funny...he won coupon for a free pint of icecream from Handel's, a coupon for a free cone from a local place and some scratch off tickets for a movie theater contest. The pictures were suppose to be in the Sunday plain Dealer, but we couldn't find them....

Wait! there's more!!!

What a summer this has been! Here are some additional lilies that bloomed this week that weren't deer food! I didnt even know i had yellow and orange lilies! We have enjoyed seeing them this year. I wish i would have gotten a pic of Sarah, she had been busy smelling them, when she was finished she had a yellow nose! lol

Friday, July 06, 2007

Feelin' old and other late night ramblings.....

When dh is away i don't sleep much. I find it easier to stay up than to lay in bed awake. I was working on a new sewing project when i decided to take a break and ramble. lol
I am feeling old! lol Not only did my nieces graduation make me remember that i graduated
"20" yrs ago.....My oldest baby got her first "real" job! AND! she will be making more money than me! Next she will be driving. :o~ Not sure when the first boyfriend comes into the picture. I think we are pretty safe since most of her friends are online. Which makes me often think.... We are (to an extent) home all the time. We don't have many outside activities other than my Pt job and Jacob's scouts. Dd doesn't have many opportunities to interact with kids her age. I called her Rapunzel the other day. lol (better than Cinderella!) ;o) Is it fair that she doesn't have many real, "in person" friends? As a mom, it is another one of those things that I can beat myself up over. I feel bad that she is cooped up with her siblings all day. I feel bad that normally i am too tired to take her places. (like to the barn 45 min away, with 4 siblings in tow) I don't feel bad that i refuse to send her to ps! Home is the best place for her. Plus i feel better about her education now that we have switched to Ohdela. She can be challenged and grow, where before i couldn't offer her that.
Since i have been off work most of the week and we have gotten out more this week than normal, i have noticed that there IS a world outside of our house! strange isn't it!? The other day when we were out for a walk, dd didn't notice because she was walking a naughty puppy, but some boys drove by and the one was hanging out the window looking at her. lol I got to thinking about when i was her age. I had friends, we did things like shopping, movies, sleep overs and teenage girl stuff like playing with make-up, prank phone calls (gg) and talking about boys. Will she be damaged for life!? lol She has 2 girl friends from church that she occasionally sees other than at church. With such a small house and so many people we don't normally have friends over.
I met a lady at Joann's one day, she was a customer that i was helping. It turns out that she lives a few streets down from us and she home schools her children. she has two teen age girls. We have seen them in the past riding bikes by our house. I always thought the one looked like dd. I have not seen them so far this summer. the mom said we should say hi to them next time we see them. Of course dd doesn't think that is a good idea, she would be too embarrassed. lol I had asked the mom if we could exchange phone numbers, she didn't seem up to that....I know exactly where they live, but it is hard to just walk up to someones house and introduce yourself. where has all this gotten me? No where i :o)
Off to bed....

Our Busy week. :o)

Dh and Jake are at boy scout camp this week. Whenever that happens, the remaining children expect carnivals and pony rides! ;o) lol We Have been so busy this week, I cant wait for next week when all is (sorta) back to normal. Some of the things we did this week include, but not limited too....trip to Joann's. (lol) Timmy had day camp at the park 3 days. He had so much fun! it was good for him to have his chance to be away. And he was happy to see me each day i picked him up! :o) I worked 2 nights. We went to a parade that lasted 77 minutes, and boy did the kids get a lot of candy! It was fun and we didn't even realize we were their that long. I got my hair cut..unfortunately dh took the camera so i don't have before and after shots, but she took a good 5-6 inches off and added layers. We went to see fireworks, they were really good and Joshua loved them! lol I wasn't sure what he was going to think. When Timmy was smaller he was afraid of them! Wednesday we had a mini picnic with in-laws and then went to family night at BS camp. We got home just in time to swing by the Walmart parking lot to watch incredible fireworks. it seems that about 50 other people had the same great idea that i did. from the corner of Walmart's parking lot we could see about 15 or so cities fireworks displays! Really cool! I took a class through Viking, we made purses out of place mats! as soon a i get a pic i will have to post it, it is really cool. Went to steak and shake for dinner one night, i promised the kids! (I got out of taking them to the movie theater!) ;o) Hmm...what else!? Cant think of anything else right now....Emily is babysitting and the younger ones are waiting to go for a walk. Better go! :o)