Friday, June 15, 2007

Raising a large family...

I have been thinking lately about how much things cost or how quickly things disappear when you have 7 people in your family. I have started a list. Some of the things are only a dream...others a nightmare! lol

Admission to Cedar Point $263.65

One session of swim lessons for 4 $324

One package of cookies $2 (on sale) gone in less than 5 minutes

One gallon of milk 1.5 days max

Admission to the zoo on Monday $free$ :o)

Admission to the zoo not on Monday $55

McDonald's $1 menu for 7, no drinks $12

Wendy’s (not value menu) $23

Laundry-too many loads to count

Fat Billy’s ½ sheet pizza $11 (one meal)

Airline tickets for 4 adults to California starting at $1,966

(no price listed for under 12)

Admission to Lego land $334

California hotel for 7 days starting at $644.56

Trip to the ice-cream stand $18

½ Gallon of ice-cream approx $4 last one day

Loaf of bread 2 days max unless it is Whole Wheat

Movie tickets (matinées price) $42.25

Groceries for 1 month $700-$1,000

Bag of chips/pretzels 1 day max

Package of juice boxes 1 day max

Bottle of juice 1.5 days

Dance/music lessons 4 kids approx $4, 500 per year


Melynda Hoffman said...

That's rough. I get fussy about four!

For some reason I was waiting to read the word "priceless" at the end of your post... :P

debbie said...

Ahh! that would have been a good ending wouldnt it! :o)

Marie N. said...

It is hard to look at those munbers! When I looked at them the one that really seemed out of wack was the swim lessons, was that the closest place to you? I'd bet you could find those for less somewhere else.

debbie said...

The lessons were at Garfield pool, which is really close. In addition to the swim class, each person had to purchase a pool pass which was pretty expensive. Both fees were included in the total cost. I threw the paper away so i dont remember the break down.

Amanda said...

HI. Just wanted to let you know that a Family Zoo membership covers the parents and ALL kids for $68 a year!! It was worth it for us, and we just had 1 kid. You can pack a picnic, go for two hours, 5 days a week, all for $68 a year. Something to think about.