Thursday, June 14, 2007

Longing for summer break.....

Ohdela has been a good thing for our homeschooling. I am very pleased with the progress the kids have made over the past 6 months. In fact Jacob just received a 100% on a poem he wrote!! this coming from a boy who hates to write! I love that the lesson plans are already written out for me, and i don't have to make the tough decision of choosing the curriculum only to discover a few months down the road that i made the wrong choice, and waisted a lot of money. Emily (now in high school) is finally being challenged, she is way too smart! and she is doing the creative stuff i didn't have the energy for. All children are accountable to a master teacher in Akron, that has also been a great help in getting things accomplished. Timothy has really opened up to learning after switching. The first part of the year he never wanted to do school work. Now he wants to spend some time over the summer doing the work in the beginning of his books that he didn't do. :o) Sarah cant wait to start school in the fall! Yes, she is that old already! She is signed up for Ohdela and we will be adding one more computer to our home....I think that will make 8 I wish we had more
So now here is the bad part about Ohdela, we are "still" doing school and we cant just stop because we want to! They have to work until 6-29. Timothy is actually finished with his school work, we just need to log 1 hour a day. Emily is finishing up her school work in between volunteering at the park for an American Girl camp. Jacob on the other hand, still has quite a bit of work to do. He has been struggling to keep up in math and finish off the current unit in all subjects. I am going to request that he is excused from the last unit. He will not have enough time to do it and mentally he is finished. (and so am i) Other than that, this is working for us. :o)

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

Glad it's working out for you!