Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Retirement "E"!

Last night was the retirement dinner for "E". It turned out to be a very nice evening! Unfortunately I forgot the camera! :o/ 4 people signed up to attend (one being me) I decided to get a table for 8 *just in case*. We ended up with 15! *E* was very surprised to see everyone that came to celebrate with her. I brought a bouquet of flowers, balloons and a cake. Another employee also brought flowers . she almost cried when she saw these things. She kept saying "My kids don't even do this for me!" I kept telling her "We aren't your kids!, we are your friends!" She couldn't remember ever getting balloons, and couldn't remember the last time she was given flowers.
I had passed around a card at work for everyone to sign and we took a collection. she received several gift cards to different places, which she was thrilled to receive.
She will be spending the summer gardening and spending time with her grandchildren. She told us she would come back to visit (since she has gift cards to spend) and will make sure to make a mess of the dept and cause all sorts of trouble! ;o)
Work wont be the same without her. I haven't heard yet who will take her place.

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Presbytera said...

It is wonderful that in your vocation of friend you did this for her. I doubt others would have done it. What happy memories you have made for your co-worker.

May your next worker be as nice -- it's possible, after all they hired you and retired E : )