Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fun Sewing Project

Last week flannel was on sale at Joann's. Some of the flannel was on clearance for $2 and half off that for the firefly sale. The other flannel was on sale for $2. I thought it would be fun to make the kids some pillowcases. It was fun to choose a theme to match the kids personalities.
The first one is Emily's (frog) pillow. Notice the frogs! :o) the striped border was a fun touch to all that green.

Next we have Sarah. What else would i choose other than pink and princesses!?

Timothy got pirates! And a water looking blue border.

Next is Jacob, I choose a camping theme for him. He seems to be doing a lot of that lately...

Last is Joshua. He didn't have a choice! I just love the jungle babies, he also has a blanket with them. so he is stuck with what I wanted for him! :o)

All the kids were happy with their pillows! Even Emily! ;oP Since i happen to make Timothy's first, he decided to tell everyone that i loved him most! Sarah's happened to be 2nd, so she told him that i love her too because hers was next! lol


Marie N. said...

Very nice! I like the frogs too :-)

Presbytera said...

What joy and fun for you and the children. These are memories that you and they will cherish. Thank God you have the ability, time and inclination.....oh and that you work at JoAnn's and recognize a good deal when you see it : )

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Amazing work getting those done so quickly!

debbie said...

it is a very easy project! :o)