Monday, June 04, 2007

Doing foolish things....

Ive requested a lot of days off work because the Boy Scouts are doing a lot of camping this summer. I also took off to help at the church rummage sale, but it turned out they didn't need my help. My boss was not happy that i asked for so many days off. I was worried that i will make her s**t list...funny thing, the next two weeks, my hours are cut. At first i was very upset! Now that i have slept on it, it doesn't seem like such a bad thing. I have been working a lot of hours. That with trying to HS, has left me exhausted! I was considering quiting at the end of summer anyway....The kids are happy i don't have to work much this week.... or next! :o)
So my other foolish thing is, i made an expensive purchase that we couldn't actually afford... Knowing i wanted one (eventually) the viking employee's let me know that the embroidery unit for my sewing machine was going on sale. They are doing away with them and this was the last one my store had. It was half off the retail price! How could I pass up that deal!? Unfortunately, i was relying on my paychecks to pay off my bill...I guess i will have to sell more Avon....or get busy and finish my projects i am making to sell.
since we are on the subject...several of you have asked for my website address. That is a funny story. Dh worked so hard creating this website for me then it took me so long to finish the quilt i was making and Dh forgot the address for the website. lol So for a while we were searching trying to find it. Just about when dh was ready to give up, he found it. Since i don't work much this week, perhaps we will get the pictures loaded and i will get the website published! :o)


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your website!

Marie N. said...

It soulds like you really made her day.