Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My busy life....

In the least....life has been hectic lately! I cant remember if i am coming or going half the time! lol In catching up I am going to cheat, because others have already written about these events, so to save time and energy i will link to their blogs! :o)
Over the past "TWO" weeks i have:
taken the boys to a Cleveland Indians/weather education game,(see, "play ball") thanks to the evil genius for not taking a pic of me sleeping at the game! ;o)
attended dd's awards ceremoney
Attended Horsefest (see, "weekend stuff Pt 1&2)
attended a "Fall Out Boy",
I tried to sell some old school books at a used book sale. that didn't work out! the money i did make didn't even fill the gas tank to get us home.... (@$3.49 per gal)
Helped all day setting up and serving at a Avon Banquet
Attended a wedding/reception. We dont get invited to too many weddings, so this was nice. I decided i wanted to make them a quilt as a gift so in my spare time...lol i did so. I was working on it right up till the very last minute!! Good thing the reception was only a few minutes from out house!! Wanna see a pic!!?? :o) (yes, this pic was taken Saturday....don't mind the bunny flag i just haven't gotten around to changing it!) :o)

All that and still working 3-4 days per week....Oh yeah and attempting to home school the children....Needless to say laundry and housework has gotten away again.
This week is less hectic! On Thursday i am planning a retirement dinner for my co-worker! :o( My partner in crime is retiring! She deserves it!! she is in her 70's, but i have gotten attached to her. We have worked together every Monday and Wednesday and most weekends for the past 8 months. I am concerned as to who will take her place....


Rick said...

That quilt is beautiful!

Rick said...

Oops - it's Marie N. who commented above -- I forgot to log off Rick's ID :-)

Presbytera said...

What a nice attachment that embroidery thingy is. The quilt looks lovely.

debbie said...

Thank you both! I *loved* the quilt so much that i didn't want to give it away! Instead i purchased more of the border print, the rest is using scraps. I "will" be making another one!! :o) I am very please with how the embroidery turned out. Last year my quilting teacher showed us a quilt that had the bride/groom/date quilted into the quilt. That is where i got the idea. I wanted mine to stand out. since i have connections...;o) I was able to go into the Viking dept and the helped me do that on the fancy *expensive* machine!

Dream said...

What a beautiful quilt...I love it!! I am sure the intended couple does too :) I can't blame you for not wanting to give it away...LOL