Thursday, May 03, 2007

Miscellaneous ramblings... has been crazy lately. with prom season almost to an end, so are the rude customers. Kinda....I think last night was the first "good" night i have had in a long time. I only had one (phone) customer that got nasty with me. I politely put her on hold and let the Mgr deal with her. I cant say my co-worker, who is a 70 year old woman had a good day. :o( She was dealing with some rude thugs that were just nasty to her. She is one tough woman, but i thought she was gonna cry. Then she mumbled something about that retirement issue. I felt sorry for her. since I starting in October, her and i have worked every Monday and Wednesday. she really is a special person, and i really like her. Plus we work well together too!
I am not sure the direction our store is going...not only do we have people stealing bolts of $10 per yard fabric (2-3 at a time) they are targeting the jewelry making supplies and are stealing expensive crystals. And this is only the stuff we know about...who know what else is walking out the doors with out being paid for. It has become quite and issue, I am not sure what is going to be done about it. they say there is no extra money for security. Hopefully after prom season is "officially" over we will get back to the real customers that enjoy crafting and pay for their items. will soon be over! (YEAH!) i am so looking forward to summer break! this week i had to take Jacob to take OAT tests. I was really shocked to find that all home schoolers aren't like the home schoolers we are used to! Dropping my 2nd born off for 2.5 hours for someone else to watch over was tough. the group of people that were at the testing location were very frightening to me. you never know what they may have hidden under those long black robes...(purposely not saying the proper name so i don't get any hits off a search) and why exactly cant they show their faces? hands? i was surprised to see that even the younger girls were completely covered. I always enjoy nice warm days when they are fully covered. Most of the other kids looked like they had been kicked out of public school. I am so glad testing is over.
Good news is, all the kids are doing well in school. Even if i didn't think they would...timothy is very eager to learn and has learned so much the past 4 months! Jacob is on the brink of maturing! I do have to keep on him or he will slip a fast one by me. then there is Emily. she thinks she is gonna fail PE. lol she thought it would be fun to take HS PE. lol well, i keep telling her to get going on it because she needs a scholarship if she plans on attending collage. lol Every other subject she is doing well in.
Solitude....recently there has been a discussion on a email list about what you do for solitude. lately dh and i have been getting up at 5:30am and going for a walk. I know it is WAY too early to go for a walk! but having 5 children and crazy schedules it is a very special time for us. We actually get a chance to talk without interruptions!! Plus we get some much needed exercise too. I know i do grumble about getting up so early...but who wouldn't!? ;o) it is especially harder on mornings that i worked the night before.
Quilting....quilting is coming along very slowly. I did manage to finish a quilt that will eventually be for sale on my website. Only dh doesn't remember the site info! Or is he kidding me!? :o~ I have actually started on a "new' quilt....even though i have 4 others to finish...this one is for a wedding gift. Only the wedding is in a few weeks! :o0 i hope i finish in time!


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Someday you're going to have to share this website info with us. :)

Marie N. said...

The early morning walks together sound nice. But on those cold and yukky winter days I'd rather share an early morning cup of coffee or hot chocolate with my sweetheart.