Thursday, April 12, 2007

Aunt Brag

This is my niece Christina. She just found out that she got the Land Grant Scholarship to OSU! What does this mean?? Well she gets a full ride!! :oD I guess they choose one student from each county based on academics and such. I hear she is terribly excited! I know her mom is!!! :o) and and the rest of us are too! :o) CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINA!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

work musings....

Lately work has not been fun! It is prom season! the customers that we have have in the store lately are not the typical customer. they are young, rude, obnoxious trash. (to put it nicely!) I cant wait for prom season to end. this past month has really changed me. Yesterday we found several empty bolts missing fabric! I am sure this wasn't the first time. I also found about 6-7 yards of fabric balled up like they were gonna steal that too. i guess the satin was more expensive and they took that first....
On the other hand i have to share about 2 customers that stand out. One a Nun, the other a young man.
Last night a young man approached me and told me he was out of place in the store. he was not sure of the procedure and asked if i could help him. He went on to tell me that he had ordered this Russian egg, and wanted some nice velvet type fabric to place inside it. He was proposing to his girlfriend and was placing the ring inside the egg. the ring would be placed on the velvet. It was the sweetest thing. I was thrilled to help him with this. This was a nice change over young floozies! lol
Last week i was helping a Nun. she was such a hoot! she was looking for a purple cloth to cover a cross. she went on to tell me how they used the purple cross at Christmas time, but it caught on fire! lol she said no one panicked, she picked up her corduroy cushion and tried beating the fire out. A fellow Nun went and got a small glass of water and threw on the fire...she said that even though they see fire extinguishers every day, they couldn't remember where they had seen them! lol Finally someone found one and they put the fire out! lol She was also telling me how after everyone went to bed, she got up and draped the cloth on the cross for Holy week. No one could figure out how she did it. she told them she didn't leave the ground! and that was all she would tell them. She had such a great time with this fish tale! and had all the Nuns wondering how she did it. (her secret was a extension pole used to change light bulbs!) ;o) After that she wanted me to help her find some snaps. at first she didn't tell me what the snaps were for, but she just couldn't hold back any longer. she proceeded to tell me about her new Habit. she said they are way to hot for her! lol so after everyone goes to bed she alters her Habits. she cuts off some of the layers and uses snaps to attach her collar. she was looking for black snaps to hold the habit in place where she cut away the extra layers. she said she was up till 3am altering her Habit. In the morning the other sisters were concerned for her because she looked so tired! lol This Nun was so funny! she had me rolling for a good 20 minutes!! I don't think i will forget her and will look forward to seeing her again!
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Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Dresses....

The girls wanted me to make them easter dresses....They turned out really nice! however I will never do it again, unless it is with cotton! ;o)

Here is Sarah hers is white crape backed satin with a sparky/flower lavender net overlay and a lavender jacket

I discovered that i don't have a picture of Emily in her dress! i did find this picture of all of the girls at easter breakfast. she is the first from the left. (Yes, that is a shade of pink!) her dress is white satin with a rose color lace overlay. You cant see her shoes but they are cute white slipper style shoes.

Monday, April 02, 2007

While I am at it....

it seems like forever since i have written anything...and now this is #3 in one day. lol I have been very busy with home school and working. In addition i have been sewing Easter dresses and trying to catch up on sleep. last month i said i would post pics of the animals at lake farm park. i am finally getting around to that.....

I LOVE ALPACA'S!!!!! isn't this guy adorable!!!

this was the funniest picture! Emily was lucky to catch this pose! this one makes me giggle!

Joshua loved the babies! we couldn't get him away from these lambs. I think he wants one for his birthday! ;o) can you tell we have a thing for sheep? some day we would like to own some. and of course an alpaca for five! ;o)

Timmy, Sarah and Jacob helped make homemade ice cream. since it was maple syrup season they made maple flavored ice cream. it must have been good...because Joshua ate all of mine! lol

Birthday Girl!!

Friday Sarah celebrated her 5th birthday! I cant believe is 5 already! it seems like just yesterday she was born! Here she is with Tippy our kitty. funny thing about this pic is that tippy does NOT like sitting on anyones lap! but tippy volunteered to sit on Sarah's paper when she was coloring. then she snuggled up with her.

Here she is opening her presents. the outfit she is wearing is what she picked out for her b-day. complete with pink cowgirl boots!
Whats a party without tiaras!

and princess party plates. I ran out of time and forgot to order the cake, so i whipped up this ice cream cake last minute. it sure was yummy, considering not much was left i assume the guest though so too!

my latest (finished) project

this was a present for a little boy that Emily babysits for. he celebrated his 1st birthday last week. I have been admiring this pattern for some time, this was a perfect reason to buy it. and it was on sale for $1.99! :o) i used scrap fabric that i had in my stash. I also embroidered his name on the collar. it turned out SO cute! :o)