Friday, March 09, 2007

Our BIG day!

Today was the morning we were invited to be the live studio audience at Q104! We had to get up WAY too early to be downtown by 6am. Q104 is NOT owned by clear channel, so it wasn't just down the street! It was kinda fun. I think the kids had fun. the studio is SO small! i cant believe all the technical stuff that DJs do. its not just sitting in front of the microphone playing CD's it was amazing. Everything is done on the computer now...
Scott and i were on *early*....we got to say our names and Scott told a little about us. they talked to the kids, Emily got to do a Q tip about Daughtry. later the kids got to do some voice recording with Glenn the funny song man. We even got to meet Stephanie, Glenn's wife! :o) she is really nice!
Here is Jacob taking over for Allan (he is not really talking on air)

Here is Glenn and Emily. Glenn doesn't get a "chair" to sit in during the today it was a special treat. lol I guess because the room is so small and he is running back and forth most of the morning he doesn't really need one...
Here is Timmy (he swiped Glenn's headphones when he wasn't looking)
Everyone was really nice to us! We talked mostly to Glenn and intern Lurch than anyone. Occasionally Allan or Rebecca would say something to us. Mostly they were busy and we were in the way.
here is the morning show radio website. I got cut out of the pic all together. I guess Timmy was too short cause you only see his head. lol

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Marie N. said...

Looks like you all will remember this for a long time!