Tuesday, March 13, 2007

LakeFarmPark Quilt show

This Month LakeFarmPark is holding its annual Quilt show. This is the first year we have attended. We decided to make a family day of it and we all went. I think dh and the kids enjoyed looking at the quilts too! There were so many of them that were so beautiful that it was hard to choose a favorite!

I loved the hearts. as you can see from the pic this one won a ribbon. How could you not love this cute kitty!?
Who doesnt love Dogwood? as you can see this one won TWO ribbons. the pic doesnt do the quilt justice! the dogwood is embroidered on the quilt and the quilting was gorgeous!
Since my first quilt I have wanted to do a quilt with a black background. this one shows the beautiful colors of fall leaves.
This was one of my favorites! the simplicity and beauty of cream and tan was a great combination.
I want to learn how to do this!!! this quilt was so pretty! it has all kinds of fancy sticching and embroidery.

this is another pretty one! I love blue and yellow together....another future quilt color combo. :o)

I will post more pics soon! Emily also got some cute animals pics too! :o)

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

Those are all gorgeous! I wanna make some of those too!!!