Friday, March 16, 2007

life is full of lemons....

After all the excitement of the week, there are always down days. Unfortunately Emily's "Daughtry experience" was a big juicy lemon...too bad Daughtry's manager is a Jerk. As a parent my heart breaks for my child's' disappointed. I understand the radio station had their hands tied. You make the manager mad at you and the radio station looses out big time. Not only do they not get to promote them next time, the manager most likely manages other bands and they loose them too.
I am so proud of Emily stepping out of her box and making that video! it was really good! the number of views of her video has doubled since the end of the contest! i wonder if anyone on the street will recognize her!? Time *will* heal her broken heart....and her parents too....

fabric scraps?

remember a while back when a friend offered me some fabric....well this time she offered me some "fabric scraps" I was pleasantly surprised when i picked them up! I was glad that Jacob was with me to carry the box! included was a bag of black batting, two bolts of fabric and approximately 160 pieces of fabric!! Now i feel pressure to make something! lol I have been so busy, i haven't had much time to sew.....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

LakeFarmPark Quilt show

This Month LakeFarmPark is holding its annual Quilt show. This is the first year we have attended. We decided to make a family day of it and we all went. I think dh and the kids enjoyed looking at the quilts too! There were so many of them that were so beautiful that it was hard to choose a favorite!

I loved the hearts. as you can see from the pic this one won a ribbon. How could you not love this cute kitty!?
Who doesnt love Dogwood? as you can see this one won TWO ribbons. the pic doesnt do the quilt justice! the dogwood is embroidered on the quilt and the quilting was gorgeous!
Since my first quilt I have wanted to do a quilt with a black background. this one shows the beautiful colors of fall leaves.
This was one of my favorites! the simplicity and beauty of cream and tan was a great combination.
I want to learn how to do this!!! this quilt was so pretty! it has all kinds of fancy sticching and embroidery.

this is another pretty one! I love blue and yellow together....another future quilt color combo. :o)

I will post more pics soon! Emily also got some cute animals pics too! :o)

Friday, March 09, 2007

Our BIG day!

Today was the morning we were invited to be the live studio audience at Q104! We had to get up WAY too early to be downtown by 6am. Q104 is NOT owned by clear channel, so it wasn't just down the street! It was kinda fun. I think the kids had fun. the studio is SO small! i cant believe all the technical stuff that DJs do. its not just sitting in front of the microphone playing CD's it was amazing. Everything is done on the computer now...
Scott and i were on *early*....we got to say our names and Scott told a little about us. they talked to the kids, Emily got to do a Q tip about Daughtry. later the kids got to do some voice recording with Glenn the funny song man. We even got to meet Stephanie, Glenn's wife! :o) she is really nice!
Here is Jacob taking over for Allan (he is not really talking on air)

Here is Glenn and Emily. Glenn doesn't get a "chair" to sit in during the today it was a special treat. lol I guess because the room is so small and he is running back and forth most of the morning he doesn't really need one...
Here is Timmy (he swiped Glenn's headphones when he wasn't looking)
Everyone was really nice to us! We talked mostly to Glenn and intern Lurch than anyone. Occasionally Allan or Rebecca would say something to us. Mostly they were busy and we were in the way.
here is the morning show radio website. I got cut out of the pic all together. I guess Timmy was too short cause you only see his head. lol

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wild in the city

3am last night, i got up to attend to a crying baby....I noticed the outdoor motion sensor light went on. I decided to peek out the window first. I notice something moving, it was rather bright out last night with the moon. It was digging around near the neighbors fence. It then picked up one of Rascals favorite outdoor toys and proceeded into the woods....It was a coyote!! No wonder we haven't seen any deer lately.....