Sunday, February 04, 2007

IT"S COLD!!!!!

How i long for the warm sandy beach in Bermuda!!!! Ive always wanted to go, never been, chance are i wont...But these cold winter days make me dream of the warm sandy beach.
Not much new going on...I have been working on another quilt. Not going well....I did a lot of searching for *the right* quilt pattern...I finally found one i liked and it had a touching story behind the pattern. basically it was the first quilt this woman learned to make while living in Germany. she made up the pattern, i loved the simplicity and beauty of the color. Well as it turns out the measurements aren't all that great! I had all these strips of 17 3" squares sewn together. They don't match up to the alternating strip! :o/ So, i have been cutting apart all those pretty strips that i carefully selected so the colors didn't repeat, and started sewing them back together. It has been a frustrating task...
I have been working a lot. Yea! Sales are up! :o) I just love the bright colors of the spring fabric. So spring MUST be right around the corner! Yesterday it was SO windy! When the wind would blow across the valley, the roof would rattle so loud you would think it was coming down!!! I overheard several customers commenting on how scary it was and they were getting out of there before it came down! It made it through the night, unfortunately (or not) the phone line didn't make it. it was rather nice not having to answer crazy phone calls! I have been doing good and at this moment, I DON'T have any fabric on my "must have" list! :o)
One of the young guys that i work with makes beaded jewelry. I asked him if he knew how to make KateKiwi's spring branch blossoms but he didn't know what i was talking about....they are so pretty! I suppose i could figure out how to make them myself....Unless KateKiwi wanted to give me some pointers! ;o)
tomorrow is supposed to be -25! :o0

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Jessie said...

Mum said this was supposedly the coldest winter in 7 years - possible the coldest since that awful blizzard in 1978 (I think that the year)

I'm with you on the warm Bermuda beach - though I'll take any beach south of here that doesn't go lower than 60-65 degrees!

*angel face*