Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Beware!!! Sr citizens on the loose!!

this morning Joshua had his 18mo checkup with the Dr. We were running a little late...(trouble getting out of the drive again...) we finally get there but the parking lot is really packed! because of my big van i prefer to park outside the parking garage. the clearance is just a little too close for comfort. all those spots are taken, but i see some on the side of the building. I drive over there and all of a sudden all these cars come out of no where. there was one car in front of me and all the rest are coming at us. i notice a male Senior stops and is trying to tell me something...i put down the window and he starts yelling at me. he says i am going the wrong way! (i didn't see any sign!!) so i apologize and put my window back up and he continues to yell. the car in front of me is stopped so i have no where to go. a few cars go by and this woman senior pulls up and tries to tell me something. i put the window down half way and apologize and told her the other guy just informed me of my wrong. She starts yelling and tells me i am blocking the parking space she wants to pull into. By now i am really fed up and i put my window down and ask her where she expects me to go!!! she said "pull up!" i ask her how am i suppose to pull up when i have a car stopped in front of me!!! I then put up my window and ignore her and the rest of them!! Finally the car in front of me moves and i am finally free of these irate Seniors! when we were leaving i had to go back past that side of the building, so i made a point to stop and look for that sign! Unless it was under the snow drift, there wasn't one! I did notice on the ground half cover in snow, half worn away an arrow pointing out...I don't know if it is a full moon tonight! but beware of Old crabby people today!!! :o)

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