Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the sound of silence......

it doesn't happen often...I am HOME ALONE! It is SO quiet! I never noticed how much noise the computer makes or the refrigerator or the furnace.....
Dh volunteered to make soup supper at church tonight, and i have to work. He took all *5* kids grocery shopping and then to church to *make* soup and bread. (he is a really good cook! for those of you that didn't know that about him!) I forgot to wish him "good luck"! Of course the kids wont ask him a zillion times for *stuff* they don't need! lol
Well, I am off to sew in peace! :oD

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have a pet peeve....

our fancy new Giant Eagle has these Clorox wipes located near the store entrance. you can see by the dummy sign that these wipes are for cleaning germs off your shopping cart handle. All the time i see people walk up to the clorox wipes and take one and wash off their hands and/or they give then to their small children!

The instructions said “not for cleaning or sanitizing skin”, “causes moderate eye irritation” ... and “wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling”.
I want to tell these people! It's CLOROX!!! you wouldn't let your child play in the household cleaning cabinet! why would you give your child a clorox wipe to wash their hands with!!!???

sigh.........I just don't get it.....

Trouble at CityView?

Over the past 2 weeks or so the parking lot at CV has gotten really bad! first i noticed the walk in front of Joann's. the sidewalk and the parking lot were no longer even. it is hard to see in the picture, but all along the storefronts there are orange cones.

this is the parking lot in front of Giant Eagle

and this is in front of Bed, Bath &Beyond....(Joann's neighbor) this crack runs the length of the whole parking lot from Giant Eagle to Walmart. If you look back to pic 1, that is in front of GE, Walmart is at the opposite end. that will give you an idea of how long this crack is. I thought i would start parking next to this spot, so when it falls in dh's van will fall in too! ;o)

Too bad the stores are on the side of the crack that would go down the hill.....

Monday, February 26, 2007

what i have been up too....

it seems like my last several post have been whining about not a lot goes on here that is worth blogging about....
I originally wanted to wait till my projects were finished, but i thought it was a good time to show my (slow going) progress.....I have been working for some time now on some projects that will be posted on my new website, that i will be selling. these are 3 quilted bags that are coming along nicely. Only problem is that they are SO pretty that i hate to sell them! i want to keep them for myself! :o) Unfortunately that wont happen, they will be sold! (hopefully!) :o)

Next is a pair of pajama pants i make for Joshua! i got the flannel off the remnants bin. I actually had enough to make 2 pair for less than a $1. Notice i used a fancy stitch on the cuff. they are so cute! :o)

Next is a throw quilt that I am also working on for sale. it is a very traditional quilt, using various colors along with muslin. I do love how it came out! even if the directions were awful and i had to take it all apart and resize and resew.....the creator of the pattern, made her quilt back in the 80's when she was living in Germany. the border will be prairie points, *IF* they come out right!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Beware!!! Sr citizens on the loose!!

this morning Joshua had his 18mo checkup with the Dr. We were running a little late...(trouble getting out of the drive again...) we finally get there but the parking lot is really packed! because of my big van i prefer to park outside the parking garage. the clearance is just a little too close for comfort. all those spots are taken, but i see some on the side of the building. I drive over there and all of a sudden all these cars come out of no where. there was one car in front of me and all the rest are coming at us. i notice a male Senior stops and is trying to tell me something...i put down the window and he starts yelling at me. he says i am going the wrong way! (i didn't see any sign!!) so i apologize and put my window back up and he continues to yell. the car in front of me is stopped so i have no where to go. a few cars go by and this woman senior pulls up and tries to tell me something. i put the window down half way and apologize and told her the other guy just informed me of my wrong. She starts yelling and tells me i am blocking the parking space she wants to pull into. By now i am really fed up and i put my window down and ask her where she expects me to go!!! she said "pull up!" i ask her how am i suppose to pull up when i have a car stopped in front of me!!! I then put up my window and ignore her and the rest of them!! Finally the car in front of me moves and i am finally free of these irate Seniors! when we were leaving i had to go back past that side of the building, so i made a point to stop and look for that sign! Unless it was under the snow drift, there wasn't one! I did notice on the ground half cover in snow, half worn away an arrow pointing out...I don't know if it is a full moon tonight! but beware of Old crabby people today!!! :o)

Monday, February 19, 2007


we have seen this city go downhill in the past several years! it makes us depressed because we are trapped in this small house in this looser city! the past several years i have felt annoyed with the neighbors because they don't think twice about helping each other out! summer with lawns, fall with leaves and winter with snow....they just blow the snow/grass onto our lawn...but i can deal with that! But last week when we got loaded with snow, and everyone was stuck in their driveways, no one even bothered to help us get out! they just go about their business like we don't exist! (perhaps we really don't exist!?) then the single dumb guy next door gets stuck in his drive and two neighbors help him get out!!! in the winter a neighbor has been known snow blow his walks and drive. in the summer when he drives his lawnmower over the curb and breaks it, we have seen neighbors over there helping to fix them! (yes, there have been more than one! he is really hard on things) or lending a mower....Well this morning *I* get stuck in the drive...Dh is already gone to work...and i cant get in or out of the drive! i decide to leave it and wait till it gets a bit warmer out before i go out to shovel. it was just far enough in the drive to clear the street, so i was fine. So later I am out there trying to shovel the snow away from the tires (with a sore back...) and the guy across the street just goes about his business....didn't even bat an eye at a "woman" trying to get unstuck! NO ONE bothered to help me get out!! (Except Timmy!) This just about ices the cake! As i age, i find i have no use for snow!!! (and maybe neighbors......) Off my soapbox.....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Emily!!

15 years ago Scott and I welcomed our first child into the world. She was born at Travis Air force Base hospital in Fairfield, California at 7:39 am. The easiest labor of all her siblings!
You have always been such a joy to our life! Daddy and I treasure each day. Next time we blink you might be moving out.....
Sorry time got away and we didn't make your special day more special! :o<

Sunday, February 04, 2007

IT"S COLD!!!!!

How i long for the warm sandy beach in Bermuda!!!! Ive always wanted to go, never been, chance are i wont...But these cold winter days make me dream of the warm sandy beach.
Not much new going on...I have been working on another quilt. Not going well....I did a lot of searching for *the right* quilt pattern...I finally found one i liked and it had a touching story behind the pattern. basically it was the first quilt this woman learned to make while living in Germany. she made up the pattern, i loved the simplicity and beauty of the color. Well as it turns out the measurements aren't all that great! I had all these strips of 17 3" squares sewn together. They don't match up to the alternating strip! :o/ So, i have been cutting apart all those pretty strips that i carefully selected so the colors didn't repeat, and started sewing them back together. It has been a frustrating task...
I have been working a lot. Yea! Sales are up! :o) I just love the bright colors of the spring fabric. So spring MUST be right around the corner! Yesterday it was SO windy! When the wind would blow across the valley, the roof would rattle so loud you would think it was coming down!!! I overheard several customers commenting on how scary it was and they were getting out of there before it came down! It made it through the night, unfortunately (or not) the phone line didn't make it. it was rather nice not having to answer crazy phone calls! I have been doing good and at this moment, I DON'T have any fabric on my "must have" list! :o)
One of the young guys that i work with makes beaded jewelry. I asked him if he knew how to make KateKiwi's spring branch blossoms but he didn't know what i was talking about....they are so pretty! I suppose i could figure out how to make them myself....Unless KateKiwi wanted to give me some pointers! ;o)
tomorrow is supposed to be -25! :o0