Thursday, January 18, 2007

Christmas presents....

I had promised to post pics after Christmas of the blankets i had been working on...I finally am getting around to doing that....with a few exceptions...

this is the no sew blanket i made for my Mil for Christmas. I really like the colors! i wanted to keep it for myself! lol But, i made it for her.
Bil got an actual *quilt*...but Kodak easy share ate the picture.. :o/ I had found some train sign fabric and since he likes trains i thought he would enjoy it.
Fil got a tie blanket..... i think Kodak ate that pic too.....
It is SO cold in our basement that i had to make me a blanket. I love the colors on this one too!

this is dh's blanket! he really likes his too! he said he really likes it and keeps him nice and toasty when watching TV in the basement.

i will have to get new pics of the other blankets and post them!

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