Friday, January 05, 2007

The 12th Day of Christmas

Hubby and I had a wonderful anniversary dinner! Subway has such charm! ;o) but it was really good. After that we stopped at Joann's. I am the proud owner of a new sewing machine.

Unfortunately i have no idea how to sew on it! I made some great stuff at the store,(see pic)

home is a different story. I should have taken better notes when she said the machine had a brain! :o/ Great thing with this machine is, it can be added on to. eventually i will purchase the embroidery kit and not only will it sew and quilt it will embroider. :o)
After that we went to Cold Stone for ice cream. The 2 other times i had been their, it wasn't really great. In fact in a previous blog post i think i said i wouldn't bother going back. Well after being bombarded with buy 1 get 1 free coupons, i decided to try it once more. We went to a different store than before, it was SO YUMMY!! Of course i got the chocolate peanut butter option. (my all time fav) Scott got the chocolate overload, or something like that. We both ended up with tummy aches after that. Scott's was a bigger tummy ache, cause his ice cream was really big! Plus he got the waffle bowl dipped in chocolate w/sprinkles. :o')

so now onto is raining, i cant figure out how to sew on my sewing machine, the kids don't want to do school, or anything but play legos. At this point i don't really care anymore. I am so tired of giving the lectures about doing school/chores. Unfortunately the boys are *dying* to go buy a new ($50) lego set...
Hmm...too bad they didn't do their school work and chores.....(enter evil grin)

i am beginning to feel overwhelmed again. In addition to being a stay at home mom and homeschooling...I am working at Joann's, selling Avon, selling Stampin'Up, wife, mom, cook, i try to sew, chase after a rambunctious 1.5 yo, ....the list goes on. I have decided that i need to take a break from certain things in my life. some of the things listed are not applicable, so i have decided come March to take a break from SU. I have not been able to give it 100% for a long time now. In addition, the supplies take up a lot of space. i am currently working on downsizing my stock. I normally offer the stuff to my customers, but since i currently have so few customers...if any of you are interested in knowing what i have for sale let me know! :o)
So on with my day.....hope yours is better! :o)


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I'm jealous now, lol! I'm sure you'll get the hang of the machine; it took me a while to learn how to work mine too.

It is a smart idea to cut some stuff out if you are overwhelmed. As far as school, it's taking us a while to get back into the swing of things after the holidays, and Daddy being home all day. Hopefully a fresh start next week will help things?

Presbytera said...

Whine, whine, whine.....what will I do with the second Sunday of the month now??? I guess I'll have to knit some more : )

Glad you are cutting back on some things Deb. No one can do it all and 5 children take a lot of time.

Time to schedule a mom's night out at ColdStone?

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I'm up for it. If I'm invited. :)

debbie said...

thanks for understanding Barb K. As you could imagine, Camps are very time consuming. Lately I feel i have been cutting corners and not giving it my all. I have months worth of camp supplies that are piled up on my desk that i have not had time to put away. Each month i just add to the pile because i am in a hurry to finish up the projects last minute. It was a tough decision, because i really do like doing it! but it has been a heavy weight for sometime now...
In regards to the mom's night at ColdStone...My mil started giving me her coupons from the Sunday Plain Dealer. almost each week CS has coupons! I still have 2 or 3 sets, plus a stack of coupons i haven't looked at yet. So the cost of the Sunday paper could be advantageous for us! :o) we went to the one that is in that shopping center on the corner of rockside and breaksville.

Anonymous said...

your special dinner sounds heavenly.. my hubby's fave flav is black forest/chocolate mud..
with *everything* on it: all the sprinkles nuts etc.
me, i like hokey pokey (no sprinkles): not sure if that's just a new zealand flavour???

anyway, many happies to you and i agree, great idea to chop some stuff out: talking about stressful moments, i just got myself some evening primrose oil today to see if i can cut out that psycho PMS thing that has been happening a little too frequently around here...

Marie N. said...

That is a really nice machine! happy anniversary -- you will be enjoying and benefitting from this gift for the rest of your life!