Friday, January 26, 2007

Our new school day....

Here is our long lost dd....we hardly see her now that she has a computer in her (pink!) room....

Jacob loves his new laptop! do you think he is "really" doing school work!?

Timmy is having a *blast* doing his school! he (and Sarah) cant get enough!

Today is was a little too much for poor Sarah! :o)

Nice quilt!!! :o) I finally finished the binding! The quilt is completely finished and ready to use on this *cold* winter day!

Major Trouble....

I though this shirt was fitting for our little trouble maker! lol at least he is smiling and not screaming!!! lol

Friday, January 19, 2007


After being part of a discussion about Sonlight curriculum...i found out that we purchase the wrong grade level for Emily. Sonlight is set up so crazy, and the online guide they have to help you choose the correct grade level suggested Core100. I found out that Core 100 is a 7th grade level, Emily is in 9th grade. I also found out that they have a money back policy. you have one year to try it out. if you are not satisfied with it after doing 12 weeks of school (within that 1 year) you can return it for 100% money back!!!!! :oD since the online guide (Sonia) mislead up they are also going to refund ALL shipping charges!!!! YAHOO!!!! :o) doing the happy dance!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

One of those days....weeks....

Ugh...what a lousy week! There was a HUGE sale at Joann's over the weekend! if you missed it, you missed the best sale that i have ever seen! Calico was 50% off! i carefully choose 3 prints that i thought couldn't live with out...
I have been admiring them ever since they arrived! I decided at 50% off i couldnt resist...
shipments come in on Monday's....and monday evening when i went to work i found these 2 that "I couldnt resist!"

what is so bad about this you ask...well, i really shouldn't have purchased this fabric. and i probably shouldn't have purchased that sewing machine either.....see me going down hill from here.... after such a big sale weekend at Joann's they closed Tues with a sales total of $2,000. that drop used up all available hours for the rest of the week! i was sent home early last night along with a few others. While on break i saw this article sitting on the table in the break room.
Since we are changing curriculum mid-year (again) i feel guilty for buying the most expensive curriculum! In addition, we have a HUGE mold problem in our house that we MUST take care of asap....i have been wandering aimlessly all day. I have so much to do that i cant even think of where to start! I decided to run out and take care of the errands real quick....only to find out that the battery in the brown van is dead....ugh. I have been driving dh van to work at night, it is getting so bad! i am afraid the front end is going to fall off or a tire! we have put so much money into this van, i cant see putting more into it! I don't think they fixed it right a few months ago when NTB messed it up!
we have so much *stuff* that we cant do anything. if we clean a room, we mess up another! we have tried to be patient and manage living in this *way to small* house it just gets to me sometimes when doing anything is impossible! there is NO room for anything! the UPS man delivered *7* boxes of school stuff yesterday! and he brought 2 boxes on Tuesday! and there are still more to come!!! :o/ I have NO idea where all this stuff is going to go! i think we will need to get rid of the couch or here i sit blogging feeling sorry for myself....not getting anything accomplished..... :o<
But....I have the fabric i couldn't live without....

Christmas presents....

I had promised to post pics after Christmas of the blankets i had been working on...I finally am getting around to doing that....with a few exceptions...

this is the no sew blanket i made for my Mil for Christmas. I really like the colors! i wanted to keep it for myself! lol But, i made it for her.
Bil got an actual *quilt*...but Kodak easy share ate the picture.. :o/ I had found some train sign fabric and since he likes trains i thought he would enjoy it.
Fil got a tie blanket..... i think Kodak ate that pic too.....
It is SO cold in our basement that i had to make me a blanket. I love the colors on this one too!

this is dh's blanket! he really likes his too! he said he really likes it and keeps him nice and toasty when watching TV in the basement.

i will have to get new pics of the other blankets and post them!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Look what i made! :o)

I have been so busy sewing that I forgot to mention that I figured out the problem with my new sewing was the thread! I got a 14 pack of gutermann thread on clearance. My machine didn't like the brown I guess...the other colors work fine! I have worked on several little things. I made a very simple skirt, I have been promising a certain 4yo I would make her kitty nightgown...we purchased the fabric back in the summer. But the main thing I have been working on is a quilted bag. I like how it turned out. :o) watch for more bags in the near future! dh is making me a website, I am going to start selling my quilted items. The embroidered chickadee on this bag is exclusive to this bag only! :o) it was given to me by a friend especially for this bag.

also...i am looking for ideas for a lighthouse quilt. I have an order for one, Joann's doesn't have any lighthouse fabric right now...or quilt books.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stamp Sets For Sale

you can hover the mouse over the titles to see the full name, price and if the sets are mounted or unmounted.

Let me know if you're interested and we can work something out :)

Friday, January 05, 2007

The 12th Day of Christmas

Hubby and I had a wonderful anniversary dinner! Subway has such charm! ;o) but it was really good. After that we stopped at Joann's. I am the proud owner of a new sewing machine.

Unfortunately i have no idea how to sew on it! I made some great stuff at the store,(see pic)

home is a different story. I should have taken better notes when she said the machine had a brain! :o/ Great thing with this machine is, it can be added on to. eventually i will purchase the embroidery kit and not only will it sew and quilt it will embroider. :o)
After that we went to Cold Stone for ice cream. The 2 other times i had been their, it wasn't really great. In fact in a previous blog post i think i said i wouldn't bother going back. Well after being bombarded with buy 1 get 1 free coupons, i decided to try it once more. We went to a different store than before, it was SO YUMMY!! Of course i got the chocolate peanut butter option. (my all time fav) Scott got the chocolate overload, or something like that. We both ended up with tummy aches after that. Scott's was a bigger tummy ache, cause his ice cream was really big! Plus he got the waffle bowl dipped in chocolate w/sprinkles. :o')

so now onto is raining, i cant figure out how to sew on my sewing machine, the kids don't want to do school, or anything but play legos. At this point i don't really care anymore. I am so tired of giving the lectures about doing school/chores. Unfortunately the boys are *dying* to go buy a new ($50) lego set...
Hmm...too bad they didn't do their school work and chores.....(enter evil grin)

i am beginning to feel overwhelmed again. In addition to being a stay at home mom and homeschooling...I am working at Joann's, selling Avon, selling Stampin'Up, wife, mom, cook, i try to sew, chase after a rambunctious 1.5 yo, ....the list goes on. I have decided that i need to take a break from certain things in my life. some of the things listed are not applicable, so i have decided come March to take a break from SU. I have not been able to give it 100% for a long time now. In addition, the supplies take up a lot of space. i am currently working on downsizing my stock. I normally offer the stuff to my customers, but since i currently have so few customers...if any of you are interested in knowing what i have for sale let me know! :o)
So on with my day.....hope yours is better! :o)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yes, it's true...

today Scott and i celebrate our 16th anniversary. We are going out to dinner at Subway, then we are going to swing by Joann's and take another look at sewing machines. :o) If all works out, we may stop for ice cream. I have a buy one get one free coupon!
our life is never can read more about our past two days here

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas 2006

As a mom, i normally don't get much for Christmas. this year i was spoiled! At work we had a secret Santa exchange. I got this quilting calendar. it is really cool! unfortunately, it is Jan2nd and i have not done the squares for the 1st and 2nd. lol
From my supervisor at work, i received a Joann's gift card! I was really surprised when i opened the card. I already spent it! on fabric of course! :o) From my family i got this new bedroom comforter set! it is so pretty. I try to keep it covered though because i am afraid the pets are going to rip it. but it is so nice to sleep on new soft fancy sheets. Next is a gift from a friend. I love cherished teddies, and ice cream! My friend also loves ice cream. In fact i still owe her an ice cream! ( i haven't forgotten!) ;o)

the next gift is self explanatory! :o) this is from mil/fil and my mom gave me some money that i also put in the fund. I went today to take a closer look at them. I have one picked out. I think it is gonna take several years to save up enough money....

A week in review...

Live has been crazy here! Especially for a baby and a dog. Christmas was a little too much for both of them. Joshua decided for some strange reason, that he liked to eat glass bulbs from the tree. As far as we know he did not swallow any of the glass. We have gone through about 8 or so bulbs this year that he has taken bites out of! The 24th Joshua pulled his clothes cabinet over on top of himself!! Luckily he was not seriously hurt! Just a few bumps and bruises! It scared him alot! he was SO clingy for the next several days! In addition, all of the church services took a tole on him. He was crabby as can be for days! Christmas night he was so exhausted he couldn't sleep! I brought him into bed with me and he kinda slept, but Scott and i did not! the 26th i think he slept most of the day! We ended up not going to a party we had planned on going to because i just couldn't see waking him up after all the screaming he had done the previous days! if you take a look at Emily's blog you will see all the Rascal events of Christmas! That was not fun either!