Friday, December 21, 2007

playing catch up

This is my sweet Sarah playing with the only Dora toy she owns....See how sweet she is, she is sweet enough to give you a tooth ache.

Now sweet Sarah will show you what dora really* carries in her backpack! LOL Lets all sing "backpack, backpack....backpack, backpack..."

A few weeks ago Em was invited to a Christmas party at the park where she volunteers. The theme was 50's. They were so creative in decorating!! They made the tables into cars at a drive in. Cool!
Here are the fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror.
and the drive in speaker.

Records were hanging everywhere...
Here is Emily playing paddle ball. She was pretty good at it.
Here she is hula hooping. she was "really" good at that! She actually won the hula hoop contest and won 5 tickets for the prize drawing. Unfortunately none of those tickets got her a prize
The party was a lot of fun. As we walked in the door we were given our movie ticket (schedule of events) and a box of movie theater candy. I choose snowcaps. :o) They served us popcorn while we watched "Attack of the Killer Shrews" For dinner we had hot dogs/burgers with coleslaw, chips and pickles. After dinner the shake shop opened up and we had shakes and a belly ache. LOL It was so much fun! I was glad Emily asked me to go along. Emily and i don't always get to do stuff like this. It was alot of fun! :o)


Sarah and I have been baking! We made peanut butter with kisses, sugar cookies, brownie bites with peanut butter cups, choc covered pretzels, choc covered peanuts and choc covered marshmallow. (belly ache...)

We haven't gotten to the white choc yet....heath bar cookies or choc chip.....belly ache....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What i have been up to

These are most of the pillow cases i made for a woman i know. They were for her mother, uncles, aunts and friends.

Above is a quilt i made for a friend . She is giving it to her dd for Christmas. Below is the quilt i made for my cousin to give to her sil. They both turned out really nice!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Snowman

instead of posting my scrooge post, i decided to post this instead....enjoy!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Have you hear the news!?

This house now officially has not one but TWO teenagers in it! Yes, it is true Jacob turned 13 today. Is this going to be good or bad? Hmmm....

Jacob was born this day at Langley Air Force Base hospital in Virginia. He was induced for many reasons...1) The Dr's (since i saw which ever one was available) could never agree on a due date. 2) His weight was bigger than they liked. 3) dh's ship was going out to sea and he jumped some chain of commands to stay behind. It was very important for this baby to be born before the ship returned!!! He was a sweet baby, and cute too. His proud big sister just adored him!! Yes, she even LOVED him!!! lol Over all his is a good kid. He is a lot like me. On the sensitive side. :o) Poor kid! lol Happy Birthday Jacob!!! :O)

Monday, December 03, 2007

A vaction memory i almost forgot to share

I had forgotten that i wanted to share this....
(computer time is limited since we have 4 of us that currently share one computer)
One day at Mandalay Bay, we went off to swim. We always sat by the kiddie section of the pool so i could keep an eye on the younger ones mostly and still see the bigger kids. On our way to our seats, we noticed a bunch of trash cans on the stage area. We had watched workers in previous days preparing the stage area for various Latin stars that were attending the awards show that weekend. Today we got to watch "Stomp" practicing for their show! It was so cool! We were so close and we had an excellent view, with the exception that we were behind them. That didn't matter much since they jumped around and stuff and were never facing one direction the entire time.
Emily happened to leave her camera in the room that day, but i just happened to have my new camera in my purse! :o) Since that was one of the important requirement for my new camera! ;o) She took tons of pictures...but on this computer i cant seem to find them...
So my new camera isn't purple (which was another requirement) but poor dh couldn't find any place that had purple ones in stock (guess other women also used my important requirements) He did find my second choice in colors though....Pink

Monday, November 19, 2007

Been really busy....

I really am here...I have been busy since getting home from our trip. I had some sewing projects that i needed to finish up first. I needed to finish a quilted bag, which i finished in time to drop off at the PO on my way to work Friday. I was suppose to have my15 (yes the # went up) pillow cases finished yesterday...Um, i should be sewing instead of typing....then i have 2 quilts to finish up ASAP, but before Christmas.
Dh and dd have done a better job at writing about our trip than i could, so i encourage you to read their blogs. My short version is;
We had long drive to Co. We left at night, so we really didn't get to see much of In and Ill. I think we have seen it before and it is still a lot like Oh. We drove through NE. most of the day and i don't remember it being much of anything exciting. the western part if the state was better. UT was spectacular! all the bigness of it all and the massive rock was breathtaking. Our first stop was Co. we stayed with a fellow ML family. they have a cattle ranch on the CO/Wy border. We all had a good time and wished we could stay longer. Josh loved getting up in the morning and seeing the cutest black calf roaming about the yard. He was so excited that he ran out out into the crisp frosted grass in nothing but a diaper and a shirt. Once i got him properly dressed he enjoyed petting that calf. When he came inside she came to the door and licked the glass. He tried letting her in, but was out numbered by adults. lol They also had the cutest short Jack Russell! I ad that bread to my list of wanted dogs..(i am not really a dog person) lol
We eventually needed to head off for Vegas, we got their Monday afternoon. it is almost shocking after driving in the desert for so long to come into Vegas. the enormity of it all. Our hotel was amazing!!! We lived in luxury for 4 days. One day i actually went into my room, closed the door and watched what *I* wanted to watch on TV (which there was nothing good on..) and i couldn't hear any kids. Which after about 10 minutes i began to worry. I was afraid josh would escape and wonder off. In most hotel rooms they have that bar you can close and the door will only open a few inches. With our upgrade (WOW) we had an impressive suite that had double doors with only the deadbolt lock, which he quickly figured out. He never actually got out which was good. Time in Vegas went by so quickly. We didn't get to do all of the things we wanted. We did get to swim a few times and hang out in the room and watch tv, which was on my list of things to do. lol The strip was so overwhelming, that the kids and i were just exhausted by it. We never ventured out alone except for the day Jenn in Vegas came to pick us up for the afternoon. Unfortunately by the time that day arrived we were completely exhausted and were poor guests. She took us on base and showed us around. We met her dh and he gave us a tour of what they call "The petting zoo" it is a museum type thing of military aircraft, tanks and such. Very interesting! after that most of the kids fell asleep so we grabbed some lunch and headed back to the hotel. We missed meeting her kids and having a play day. I guess we should have done that first. :o(
That weekend at the hotel was the Latin Grammy awards. so on top of all the conference attendees and all the gamblers, we add all these Latin awards attendees/fans. Since we are not current on our Latin stars, we were not aware that the person behind us was famous....Until a crowd of people started to swarm us with cameras and pens. Then we would turn around and see who they were really stalking...It was rather stressful to begin with keeping track of 5 kids, and add all these crazed fans it was nuts!! after 2 days the security was increased and was better.
Unfortunately we had to leave...we were all cranky and sad that day. On our way home we drove over Hoover Dam. it was too expensive to stop, since you had to pay to park and pay to get into the visitor center so on we drove. It was really dark when we arrived at our hotel. We washed clothes and relaxed. the next morning we spent the day seeing the Grand Canyon. It was amazing. We left and went to see the I-max movie they showed in town, and ended up going back in because i had remembered that Timmy was excited to finally get to see the Colorado River. (he learned about it in school) We had to take the shuttle to the viewing area. then you really couldn't see much of it anyway. lol But he was happy with what we did see.
We got ran off the road in NM. Ate dinner at the Big Texan and had a bunch of cranky kids on the way home. lol Josh ended up coming down with a fever the last driving day and slept the entire last day! Which was good since he was about to be tied to the roof! (not really...) lol
So now we are home and have a lot of catching up to do. :o) And that my friend is the short Now back to sewing.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We are home!

We are home from our 3 in 1 vacation! :o) We had a lot of fun...but i have a lot of things to catch up on before i can tell you all about it. SORRY! :o(

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

life is crazy! :o)

Did i tell you we were going to Las Vegas? we are not exactly ready! lol . We are trying to get to the Co/Wy border to spend 2 days on a cattle ranch. From their we are driving to Vegas, we will see the sights and swim. I hear it is only in the 70's though! lol. On the way home we will be stopping at the Grand canyon. everything else is being played by ear. We are all really excited!! We don't normally get to travel like this.

Other news...I am "good" with my boss....I talked to her a bit on sat. (on my time...) :ol she said since our meeting, she has heard nothing but good things about me. She said i really turned around. I told her that i did nothing different, that i did what i always did. that this meeting made others aware of what i do. She said the meeting made *me* aware of what i do! I decided to let her win and leave it at that....I know now to (attempt) keep my mouth shut and figure out the ever changing rules of the game....

Our computer is not working, i am discovering how to navigate around on ds's computer. I'm lost without my address book and favorites list. lol

Melinda, dd showed me how to find my email off the website, but i still need to search through 65, 000 email to find yours.....

Ok, gotta run! :o)

Monday, October 22, 2007

The End....

I guess my short lived fanism is over...(i know that is not a word) I wasn't a very good tribe fan anyway. We will add that loss to a long list of other losses from our Cleveland sports teams.
What i have learned is that Kenny Lofton came back! (didn't know that) Where is Omar? or Sandy Alomar? now those are some names i can relate to.... I also learned that Manny needs to keep a tissue or a hankie in his pocket, and sports casters love to do instant replays..(which i HATE!!!) I also learned that talking ball is a different language. After church Sunday chatting with 2 other women, 3 guys (husbands to the 3 women) walked up and our women chat turned into a baseball conversation. I was the foreigner, i didn't understand a word they were saying. I did manage to pick out a legible word or two but none of it made sense..."maybe next year!"

Friday, October 19, 2007

Thinking Blog Award

Me gave me the Thinking Blog award...I don't think she knew what she was thinking! lol I cant imagine i make anyone have deep thoughts....perhaps a "what was she thinking"
I will have to ask my blog consultant how to add that award...but she is busy with school work right now.
Perhaps when i have more time to 'think' i will pass along the award!
Thanks Me!! :o) You're too kind!

Go Tribe!!!

Ok, so i was told that when the home team is winning i need to be a Tribe fan!!! I understand this is a big deal...but i just don't get into it...sorry!!!
Last night while watching Survivor and The Office, dh kept switching to the game. So here are my random comments on the game...1) did we have to watch Manny pick his nose? 2) did we have to watch Manny pick his nose the second time!? 3)how many times did we have to watch the instant re-play of Manny's ball hitting the yellow tape? 4)Why cant we just like Manny? Just cause he looks like a thug in a baseball uniform...He was once a team player...cant we just all get along? lastly, # 5) why do we have to listen to the commentators ramble endlessly?
So, did they win!? since i need to be a tribe fan i should know these things....
I admit, i couldn't stand it any more and went and read blogs...gotta keep up on PW ya know! ;o)
then i went to bed and couldn't sleep because i was too busy worrying about stupid stuff..
Why do i do that!?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Close up of Heart's

Here are some close ups of the hearts. Each heart is a little different.

another quilt

I am working on this quilt for a friend. I really like how it turned out. I just need to get the backing on and do the binding.

In addition i am working on another quilted bag and some embroidered pillow cases. :o)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We were so busy last week!

What a week! Wednesday is when we went to the pumpkin/potato farm. Thursday we went to the school office for an open house. The kids had a good time meeting their teachers. They gave all the kids hats and t-shirts. Emily was excited to be able to watch/assist with a pig dissection.
Friday we tried to play catch up with school at night dh took the kids shopping for camp food. Saturday the boy scouts and the venturing crew (Emily) went backpacking. i was going to take the younger 3 to the farm park. Dh agreed to take the older van and let me use the better one. they got about 10 minutes down the freeway and the van overheated. I had to load up the kids and go drop off the better van and drive the old (overheated) van home. Luckily we made it home safely! lol
Fil was kind enough to let me borrow his car for the day. I took Timothy to walmart to sell popcorn with another boy in his troop, they did pretty well for being so little. When we finished there we drove out to the farm park where we met Evil Genius and her dd. The farm park was having a pumpkin/corn fest. It was a nice day and i think the kids had fun even though it wasn't as exciting as the description. lol

We went to dinner at Bakers Square, which was rather yummy. I had never been there before. of course we had to have dessert! Timmy and Sarah split an Oreo pie and Josh and i split a hot fudge brownie sundae. (I'm not a pie person) Came home got the younger ones bathed and in bed and Timmy helped me prepare for my stamp class on Sunday...Nothing like waiting till the last minute. lol
We were late leaving for church on Sunday, but in doing so we got to see an interesting thing. One thing "good" about our city, is that they have a terrific fire dept. which is good if you are ever in need. We got to the corner and a fire truck went by, next the ambulance. We saw another strange vehicle with yellow flashing lights but didn't recognize it. So we waited for it to go by, it was a Police/Fire/Ambulance Command post RV! and they turned down the street before ours....not sure what was going on...not sure i want to
after church we came home ate lunch and off to the class. got home unpacked. Just in time for the backpackers to get home and unpack and tell us all about their can read what dh had to say here.... and what Emily had to say here....
Monday goes by and we are still
Tuesday goes by and we are still behind...

Job update...again...

After being called off work on Friday, i was wondering where this tale was going to take me this week. Last night i worked with a woman that started the same day as i did. She wanted me to know that the feelings expressed were not her feelings. Seems like the word got out! :o~ I am not exactly sure what got out but i dont think anyone at work knows all that was said. She told me she was 'so' angry when she heard what had happened, that she went to management and told them she didn't like them putting such words into her mouth. She was practically in tears when we were talking. That night i made sure i told her everything i did. I also made sure to tell the manager on duty everything i did too. She was confused at first, but eventually i think she got it. I assume she knows, but i didn't say any reason for telling her such info...Funny thing, this morning we got a phone call from a person with the same first initial and last name as my Mgr....I didn't answer! lol

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My first Tag

Melzie tagged me, this is my first one so i will give it my best shot...

The rules of this are:

1. Link the person who has tagged you.
2. Tell seven true things about yourself.
3. Tag seven new people.
4. Leave a message with the person you have tagged so they know about it. I am supposed to name seven truths about myself............. and tag seven new people.

Hmm *7* things huh....

1) i am not good at writing!
2) I love my dh and kids <3>
4)I am truly addicted to Confessions of a Pioneer Woman's blog
5)I actually wore a pair of jeans today that I couldn't fit into a few months ago! :o)
6)I like sheep, pygmy goats and alpaca's
7)I am a terrible liar i really know 7 people?
I can tag;
Emily :o)
Scott :oD
Evil Genius (she is good at these)
Hoffman Homemaker (since she hasn't posted for a long time)
Miss Sniz (she is creative)

and i will accept 2 volunteers from the audience. :o)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Why i love Fall!

Wednesday we went on a field trip to Ramseyer farm in Wooster. It was a rather blustery day but 'perfect' for pumpkin picking. This was a field trip sponsored by Ohdela, the online school the kids are enrolled in. Everything was planned out for us. I love that part!! We got their a little early so the kids were able to explore for a bit. Joshua *loved* playing in the corn wagon!!

This is a pix of Joshua on the slide. they used these huge pipes as slides, Joshua also loved bumping all the way down the slide....
We couldn't pass us this photo opt! aren't those some cute pumpkins!!

We rode in the hay wagon out to the pumpkin/potato patch and each child was able to choose one pumpkin and one potato. Joshua fell in love with this green one and was so proud of his potato. (doesn't he look sleepy!!!)
It was the most beautiful day! The Ramseyer's own 700 Acres. they grow pumpkins, potato's, corn, popping corn, soybeans, gourds, and wheat. We had tour of the barn where we learned about all the work that they do on the farm and while we were listening to that a woman their was another slicing and frying up some fresh potato chips for us to taste. Those were the very best chips i have ever tasted! (by now dh is going to get bored with my !!'s lol but we had such a good time!) lol

this is a pic of the education, um i mean fun area. each station has an activity that is hands on fun. (educational)These are some of the smaller mazes the hay maze is for pre-school age, and the potato crates are a "master maze" in order to proceed through the maze correctly you had to answer math questions.

Here is a pumpkin pyramid...
two baby pygmy goats that were about 1 week old. (awww...) I LOVED THOSE GOATS! I want one!!!!
This is the pumpkin patch where we picked our pumpkins. The boys were disappointed because on the way to the patch, we had passed some extra large pumpkins. then we came upon these itsy bitty ones. they wanted a BIG one very badly. You can see behind the row of weeds some more pumpkins. Those were medium sized ones, so the boys ran and got to choose the best pumpkin. They were all very happy with their selection.
EMILY IS IN LOVE!!!! isn't this the sweetest thing ever!? This little guy (or gal?) loved to have it's chin scratched. It really loved Emily too, but we didn't think we could get away with walking it out the door or having it while living in the city plus i didn't think mil would be happy with us putting a calf in her car. lol
This is a picture of a picture of the Ohio corn maze. Since they had a better view, Emily decided it would be best to just take a pic of their pic. We didn't have a map, but we walked the whole outline of the state of Ohio. Sarah was a bit upset, she was afraid we were going to get lost. This was a really big maze. it was about 3 acres in size.

If you would like to see additional pictures you can check out Em's photo blog
We really had a great time. Thanks to mil for letting us borrow her car so we could go! :o)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Words cont..

Last night at work went pretty well. I was able to speak to my supervisor for a few minutes. She said the Mgr was way too hard on me and it wasn't right, and that i am too nice of a person and my skin is too thin. I need to forget about what the Mgr said to me and move on. Oh yeah, and thicken up my skin. Because i am a nice person and i do my work, she doesn't notice me and what i do. So i need to "step it up!" I reminded her that last week when her another woman and i were working together, they were doing the sale set, i handled the customers, cleanup and recovery all by myself all night! I could tell she hadn't realized i had done that. I told her that each night i work, i do my best and each night i break out in a sweat because of it. She couldn't come up with anything other than "step it up"...
Last night was the last day of the HUGE sale, we were so unbelievably busy! we had a skeleton crew working! (that sucked) the first hour of the 2nd shift we sold $1,500, in 1 hour! there was myself and another woman working the cutting counter. We had fabric everywhere! the one pile was higher than i could reach. we finally left at 11pm. (store closed at 9) the store was not perfect last night.
So anyway, while we were cleaning up the other woman tells me that a few weeks ago the Mgr was asking her all kinds of questions about me. Her reply was her and i didn't work together all that much she didn't have anything to say. So it all make sense in the game, that when i was told that *everyone* says this about me, it means that ONE person may have said it. I know who said it too! i can guarantee it. she is a lazy,18yo, immature, high school girl of color...Lately i have worked with her a lot. I don't like working with her because i have to do all the work...Oh wait! that sounds familiar. Many of the things i got in trouble for are things that happened while working with this girl. I don't work again until Friday, i still have to decide if i should quit or not....

interesting facts

According to the October 2006 enrollment report, this is the student population of our local public school system:

Asian 28
Black 3404
Hispanic 20
Alaskan/Am Indian 1
Multiracial 103
White 229

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Who said words can't hurt?

Because i know for a fact that they can and do!

In honor of my 1 year anniversary, my boss threw me a private party. (aka job review) After i was finished i would have preferred to be a slug swimming in salt water...or maybe a dish of beer. Better yet a dish of beer with a salted rim! She said some really mean and hurtful things to me. I cried like blubbering idiot. several times... infant each time my mind drifts back to work i start to cry all over again. crying now....Gosh do words hurt!
Dh is away again, on another scout camp trip. i tried calling him but only get voice mail.
All the crazy things i thought i was making up in my head are all true. see I'm not crazy! i feel like a rotten, horrible, evil person....
Funny thing is i got a pay raise. I got a 3% raise, the top amount one can get is 3.5%....

Another contest...

Slim, sleek and ultra-chic.
She’s dressed in pink and takes fabulous photos.
Her mission is promoting awareness and education about breast cancer.

Who is she?

She’s the Casio Pink EX-Z75 digital camera specially bundled with a camera case with pink stitching and a pink ribbon-clad lanyard to show support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

Casio Pink EX-Z75

read more about it at 5 minutes for moms

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

a day to celebrate?

I'm not marks the 1 year anniversary of my employment. lol I will celebrate by...


which i think is a good thing. Means i still have a job! In fact this will be the 3rd day in a row that i worked, which is surprising in itself. All these things i make up in my crazy head.
One of nice things about work is seeing a customer that i have helped in the past. Monday i was putting some fabric away when a young couple walked by. when they noticed i was an employee they stopped. I had recognized the young man. Several months ago he was in looking for something velvety. He had ordered a decorative egg from Germany (or something) and it had arrived in the mail that day. he was going to place an engagement ring in it and wanted the ring to set on velvet. So back to yesterday... they stopped and asked for help. I think my face lit up because i had been dying to know all these months what she said!! So i asked "How did it go!?" He couldn't believe i had remembered him. Of course she said yes and they showed me the ring. She couldn't believe he had been into the store to purchase fabric. even tough he only needed a small piece, the fabric is like 54" wide. He said again how he couldn't believe i remembered him! I told him he was the first and only guy i helped choose fabric to propose to his girlfriend. I wouldn't forget that! They showed me a pic of some wedding favors they wanted to make. They were cute but very different. It was basically mens shirting fabric. the napkin rings looked like mens shirt cuffs, buttons and all, then down the center were runners made from shirting. Fall is a bad time of year for i wasn't much help...

Monday, October 01, 2007

Birthday Boy!

Yesterday was Timothy's 8th birthday. We had a little family party for him. It was a beautiful day so we were able to hold the party outside. Emily our official party photographer, took tons of photos....but had a terrible accident and dropped her new camera. (NOT a pretty sight) it should have been rushed to the emergency room.. instead will be taking it to the camera Dr.
Not good!!! :o(
Instead of b-day photos, we have some photos of the newest cub scout in our family. (these were the last pix taken before the terrible accident) Timmy is so excited about joining scouts! his first meeting is this Wednesday he can hardly wait!!! see how serious he is about scouting? this is not the goofy timothy troublemaker we know...

So back to the b-day...This is the card i made for him, it is similar to his invitations. (i love stickers!) Timothy is such a practical boy, his b-day wish list included; socks (camo, white and dark church) white t-shirts, fertilizer, clone blaster, air soft gun and PS3. he got everything but the PS3. lol