Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Big Suprise!

And NO! I know what you are thinking! the answer is NO, i am NOT pregnant!!!
My surprise it that Kmart has improved itself! I stopped shopping at Kmart sometime last year. Today I promised Sarah i would take her Christmas shopping, she wanted to go to Kmart. So off we went. To my surprise the shelves were packed full of merchandise! and the store was pretty clean, with the exception of the toy dept. But this time of year i imagine it is impossible to keep the toy dept clean! We went shopping with nothing in mind for the gift she needed to purchase. She ended up finding so many things that she had to narrow down her choices. she was very happy with her selection! The employees seemed to be alright. that was another reason i quit shopping Kmart, because the employees were all rude and inconsiderate. I have to say, our cashier was standing staring out into space while we placed our purchases on the counter. Never once did she acknowledge we were there...I was starting to wonder just about the time she jumped. She was so lost in space she didn't know we were there. After that she was very kind, so i assume she was either very tired, or on drugs! lol Or both!? But her customer service was acceptable!
So to my surprise, Kmart has redeemed itself! (for today....)

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

More shopping options are always good.