Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A special suprise!

Yesterday one of my Avon customers asked if i would be interested in some extra cotton fabric she had. I said sure, i could add it to my stash! She called this morning to let me know she left a bag on her front porch for me. I was completely surprised when i saw the size of the bag. Even though it had some goodies in it for the kids, it had 47 1/2 yard pieces of fabric!!! What a nice surprise! Now to find the perfect project! :O)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Big Suprise!

And NO! I know what you are thinking! the answer is NO, i am NOT pregnant!!!
My surprise it that Kmart has improved itself! I stopped shopping at Kmart sometime last year. Today I promised Sarah i would take her Christmas shopping, she wanted to go to Kmart. So off we went. To my surprise the shelves were packed full of merchandise! and the store was pretty clean, with the exception of the toy dept. But this time of year i imagine it is impossible to keep the toy dept clean! We went shopping with nothing in mind for the gift she needed to purchase. She ended up finding so many things that she had to narrow down her choices. she was very happy with her selection! The employees seemed to be alright. that was another reason i quit shopping Kmart, because the employees were all rude and inconsiderate. I have to say, our cashier was standing staring out into space while we placed our purchases on the counter. Never once did she acknowledge we were there...I was starting to wonder just about the time she jumped. She was so lost in space she didn't know we were there. After that she was very kind, so i assume she was either very tired, or on drugs! lol Or both!? But her customer service was acceptable!
So to my surprise, Kmart has redeemed itself! (for today....)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Life Sucks!

What do you do when you have a sucky life!? I have a certain teenage daughter that is absolutely bored with her life here at home. We never do anything, we just sit here and do nothing...(even though i am exhausted) she mopes around all day not doing much of anything. If i were to let her play on the computer all day she would be happy! and what about school!? Who knows! Perhaps she needs to be IN school....
Then there is Jacob...just turned 12. Can easily be brought to tears over the silliest things....I don't think i am going to survive the teenage years! good thing Timmy wont be a teen for 6 more years!

Birthday Boy!

Yesterday was Jacob's 12th birthday! I am not sure it was such a great day for him...I made him do some chores (that he was supposed to earlier in the week) Finally he was able to go out and play in the snow! We went to Wendy's for dinner, and had frosty's....tomorrow we are going to go to blossom to see the Christmas light display.
Last week he had 2 friends over. We went to the train club for their Christmas open house and then the boys spent the night.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

interesting, yet scary....

last night Timmy and i ran out to walmart (just down from Joann's) they were closed because an alarm was going off! :o>

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No new job...

Lol I had plenty of time last night to speak with the Mgr of Viking, while we stood outside in the freezing cold, while the fire dept took their grand old time responding to an alarm that went off at Joann's....she said they cannot take employees away from Joann's. I guess they used to but cant anymore. which is ok, cause the more i get to know her, the less i think i would want to work for her. She is the nicest woman, but! she could walk all over my personality! so I am happy at the cutting counter. I will find out in a few weeks if i am to be hired permanently or let go....I wasn't concerned about it before, but now that sales are horrid, i am worrying!
So back to the alarm.....When i left for work last night i asked dh "what are the chances i will need my sweater?" (Joann's is always toasty!) I decided to put it on under my jacket for the ride into work since dh's van does not have much heat. I am so glad i put it on....
You see, my dear Joann's is built not on a rock...but an old garbage dump! (sounds bad, i know!) For some reason last night the Methane gas alarm went off about 5pm. funny thing, the Mgr on duty didn't know what it was and the customers were annoyed with the noise the alarm was making cause it was hurting their ears!! After about 15 minutes of nothing being announced, the Mrg of Viking dept told the Mgr of Joanns what the noise was, and that she needed to evacuate the store....More annoyed customers! they wanted to take the time to check out first! :o~ Luckily We were allowed to get our coats since it was freezing out! No one but the Viking Mgr knew the evacuation plan! I went with her and the other Viking employee to the designated meeting area. Everyone else stood at the front door. After a while the other employee and i went and stood under the overhang of bed, bath &beyond. It was so cold!! Once the fire dept checked the building, and found no gas...they let us back in cause it was so cold. Eventually they let customers in too. the alarm went off for almost 2 hours before they got it turned off!! Boy, was it quiet when it finally quit! Needless to say, the night went by rather quickly! lol and all is well at Joann's, except sales.....

Monday, December 04, 2006

Been busy!

Things have been busy here. We had the reindeer van repaired a few weeks ago. I took it in for 2 new tires and an alignemt. turns out the front end needed replaced! I guess the people that owned the van before us were really hard on it! It only had 17K mi on it when we got it too! That set us back a few 100 crispy chicken nuggets. So our already low budget Christmas is even lower budget than before. Last Year the kids didn't mind only getting a few things. Actually they were pretty happy with what they did get!
Work is unpredictable. Sales are down, which means hours are cut. This week and last i was only scheduled 2 days each week, where the week before i was working 4 or 5 days per week. I decided that i really cant work 4 or 5 days and take care of school, house, baby and all the other things a mom for now i am enjoying the 2 days. Although the pay will be much less....
I talk to the women in the Viking Sewing Dept a lot. the viking dept is right next to the cutting counter. they are hiring several new people to work for viking. One of the women gave me an application and told me i should apply! It is very tempting! I love my job at Joann's, but it is very hard work and i come home tired and sore. If i worked for Viking, i would still get to work at Joann's (not FOR Joann's) and not have to do all the work that makes me tired and sore. One thing that makes me hesitate is the fact that I am not good at up selling, nor am i pushy. I don't know any of the other details as to hours and such....
In between being busy, i have been sewing a lot. I cant post any pics till after Christmas! ;o) I like how my projects turned out! I want to keep the ALL! :oD But, i hope the recipients like them as much as i do!
It is too cold out and my roast is not done....i have to work tonight so i just may miss dinner. :o(