Friday, November 03, 2006

Our new Vacuum

We decided to get a new vacuum....not because we had extra money to blow....but because we broke *2* vacuums in the past month!!! you know how that is! This vacuum is pretty neat. it has a duster attachment, that is the yellow thing with the stick. you put it in the canister and turn it on for 10 seconds and it charges the duster, then you dust with it. after you dust you place it back in the canister and turn it on again and it sucks all the dust off the duster! it also has a power paw(that is the black and yellow thing just under the handle) Jake thinks that is the best thing since sliced bread! it is his job to vacuum the furniture! now he cant use the excuse he cant find the vacuum attachment! lol

after taking Jacobs pix Joshua wanted his pix taken too! :o) he is 14 mo. and wearing size 2T clothes!

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

Joshy's getting so big! Sniffle, sniffle.